We need Action - Right to Repair Explained


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Right to repair is a frequently misunderstood issue, and we’re here to set the record straight.
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  • Tyson Cook
    Tyson Cook3 小时 前

    If there is one thing I hate is anti-consumer companies. They can get away with making decisions that harm people without worrying about consequences and often don't even acknowledge what they do.

  • super sipme
    super sipme8 小时 前


  • Hasse Hall
    Hasse Hall9 小时 前

    One more video highlighting the problem with the repair monopoly: VICE 14.3 M followers, 7.3 M views cnboth.info/dron/sh-p-n/eoWPrsKebbLb0oI.html

  • Hasse Hall
    Hasse Hall9 小时 前

    A looong text about my thoughts about the RtR-issue. There’s a lot of problems to fix for maximum effect (did I hear SWAT-analysis?). • Reach / Cash Louis Rossmann needs a lot of help to spread the word. It’s all about ACTIVE and donating followers. Even if he maybe wish, he can’t win this fight alone. He’s begging for money, but the opponent (tech giants) has no limit of cash and a army of lawyers, and maybe some PI to find dirt on Louis. He’s a simple opponent if he’s alone and begging for support via fundraising. If Louis can spend 1 M the opponent can spend 100 M to bribe all the people who finally makes the decisions. It’s just waste of time without proper support. Lois 1.57 M followers doesn’t mean so much everybody thinks. Active and donating followers is the only think that counts and that isn’t even 1%. • List of RtR ambassadors To qualify they should have at least 1 M followers (because of the fake followers everybody can buy). There should also be at least 10 large CNbothrs (preferably in the USA) in every niche. Tech, Farming, Cars and so on. The repair monopoly is a big issue, but a lot of people doesn’t know about it due to a non existing marketing plan, and/or lack of money/interest. • Some videos I noticed yet: Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) 14 M followers, 1.6 M views cnboth.info/dron/sh-p-n/h4mYp7ugft622W0.html Geekyranjit 3.2 M followers, 190 k views cnboth.info/dron/sh-p-n/n32Insqve9LZsXE.html Linus Tech Tips 13.4 M followers, 1.8 M views cnboth.info/dron/sh-p-n/o6uMlsmEnpTNm3E.html Motherboard 1.51 M followers, 3.2 M views cnboth.info/dron/sh-p-n/e22AeMtnpNu1mbA.html SAMTIME and some other accounts also make good awareness of the repair monopoly, but they maybe to small to make a difference? Compare the CNbothrs above with Lois 1.57 M followers. They have more views than Lois even has followers! Is there a lot of fake views and fake followers in the numbers? It really doesn’t matter since the word gets out. But this is just 4 of minimum 10 in every niche. It’s a very good start though! • Step 1: Spread the word massively, and not only on YT. This is important in many ways. A video can be taken down, reach can be limited by the famous algorithm and a lot of people doesn’t know about Lois. Some even doesn’t like him and aren’t capable to realize that this isn’t about Louis. It’s not about just his company. This is a global issue. • Step 2: If step 1 is made correctly it’s much easier to get Radio and TV stations interested. They must see large CNbothrs or forum threads to realize that this is a massive issue. Today they think who the F is Louis?! Louis doesn’t have the most humble approach in his videos and that is scaring in a TV interview. Forget live! 😀 • Step 3: Collect all marketing campaigns in a shared document. Leave the “send me an email” stage! Google docs at least. Don’t let server limits create problems if millions of people starts to show interests. A lot of companies have large sending lists for newsletters. You have all the CNbothrs, forum threads and other platforms that together maximize the reach and lower the risk of blocking. If there are at least 10 ambassadors the tech giant’s will lose the fight. 10 can easily be scaled up to 20, 50, 100 😀 • Step 4: I’ve noticed a lot of whining comments about how some people think the ambassadors above was to soft in their approach and/or failed since they didn’t highlight the fundraising page and so on. These whining people will probably not add anything of value, just ignore them. Everybody can do something EVEN if you don’t have 1 M followers on your YT channel. It’s free to start a petition for example and there’s a lot of those sites in different countries. Raise awareness is free and simple and of course far more constructive than just whining of someone else that maybe could have done more! I’m convinced that even a soft approach makes more good than harm in terms of awareness. There’s always time for a follow up video 😀 • Step 5: Now it should be a good time to see if all the ambassadors can make a dedicated video that ONLY talks about the fundraising campaign. It’s very important it’s transparent and reach the goal. Is the best solution that Louis get payed 2 years salary to work with this full time or can that even be a problem? Is there a realistic cost for a “lawsuit” and not an overpriced law firm involved? Can some good and reputable law firm actually do this Pro Bono since there’s a lot of goodwill involved? • Step 6: Now tell me. What do you think is the next step? Am I totally lost? What have you done yourself to move it further? Is there better steps to start with? I’m curious about all the positive and constructive ideas. The whiners and haters can just scroll… P.S. This is just my personal opinions as a Swedish marketing manager and chess player 😀 I have no connection to Louis and are not familiar with the correct terms describing “the ultimate goal” in a USA court of law or any other institutions that could handle this global issue. Big cred to all of those who contribute.

  • utkua
    utkua12 小时 前

    If they force them sell parts, they will just buy out more companies and make SOCs bigger and bigger. Legislation should also but a hard limit on price of any part of the device. Like less than 20% of the unit, but the part they provided must come with its own warranty not to be less than a year.

  • Reza Putra
    Reza Putra13 小时 前

    Honest question, what about Samsung? Are they much better than Apple? I am going to switch my phone to latest Samsung phone if the repairs didn't suck like Apple. Thank you!

  • Alejandro Moran
    Alejandro Moran15 小时 前

    I still remember when I was young, I fixed an epson scanner with a diode from an electric bulb :D

  • nur muhammad ebroheam Abdullah
    nur muhammad ebroheam Abdullah22 小时 前

    need more people to share and view this video. this is super important for the environment

  • ArduinoBen
    ArduinoBen22 小时 前

    $5/GB - wtf? I pay $2/GB on a pay as you go plan.

  • Tranquility
    Tranquility23 小时 前

    First you abolish capitalism

  • Tranquility


    13 小时 前

    @cookieface80 iphone vuvuzela no food 100 billion dead

  • cookieface80


    18 小时 前

    Then there are no phones to repair... or food.

  • alexthedon
    alexthedon天 前

    Thank you Linus for helping the cause! Much Respect!

  • wilsonsmith1995
    wilsonsmith1995天 前

    Keep spreading the word on this, very important!

  • Aneun Oppa
    Aneun Oppa天 前

    Uncle Ted was right after all.

  • Ryan McCormick
    Ryan McCormick天 前

    John Deere is the evil empire, they're going to take Apple and Tesla down with them. Don't mess with farmers or products sold globally to feed people. This is currently very similar to those road racing videos on 1320 CNboth channel, where they always say that disclaimer before the racing; "Were going on a road trip to Mexico to race some friends, see you there." BUT the video only short jumps to ~1 hour, same weather, same clothes, no food or hotel stop, same environment, the sun went down a just a little in that jump-cut, but we can still clearly see US Interstate Highway System road signs from their home State along the roadway, exit ramps, and watch them run from law enforcement when their "spotters" notify them. They are clearly on a speed regulated and enforced US highway. With enough time and research we could find those locations with Google maps and street view. But they already said MEXICO verbally in their video, for plausible deniability. All these "Right to Repair" manufacturers will lose EVERY small fight (until legislation is passed), because their customers are global, the farmer can tell the Repair Police; "I took the John Deere to a repair shop in Mexico, I didn't know they had illegal Russian software to make the repair."🤷🏻‍♂️ Or the iPhone customer will tell the Repair Police; "I mailed my phone to Indonesia, I didn't know they had illegal parts from the Apple factory."🤷🏻‍♂️ Or the Tesla customer will tell the Repair Police; "I took my car to Honduras, I didn't know they had salvaged junkyard parts, only the front of that vehicle was crashed, why are rear motor parts bad for my Tesla?"🤷🏻‍♂️ John Deere dealers in 30+ countries. Apple sells in 95+ countries. Tesla dealers in 25+ countries. Customer will always find a person who is available to fix it outside the official repair shop with that many countries they cannot control. They should ask Paolo Escobar how easy it was operating a monopoly in multiple countries!? 🤔🤦🏻‍♂️😂🤣🤷🏻‍♂️👍

  • MrVvulf
    MrVvulf天 前

    Thanks Linus. My parents finally sold their farm (and retired) a couple years ago. They donated their Ford 9N tractor to another farm down the street. That's a 60 year old tractor still helping farmers stay profitable, and putting food on tables. John Deere would love it if they could get rid of all the old equipment that is easy to repair.

  • Sagar bisht
    Sagar bisht天 前

    who's here after MKBHD video

  • Mary W
    Mary W天 前

    EVIIILLLLL. Apple's hypocrisy is next level.

  • Eric Plut
    Eric Plut天 前

    He needs to get on Joe Rogan

  • Lawliet
    Lawliet天 前

    Der wahre

  • Ruffus Ford MD
    Ruffus Ford MD天 前

    right to repair really comes home like how in the farming tractor and large trucking business . farmers save tons of money when they can change add or repair parts on their farm equipment.. but industries will not give them the computer codes to do this.. add this to cars and trucks and you see the problems

  • Simon Ellison
    Simon Ellison天 前

    Wow I can’t believe that the biggest most respected tech YT is talking about a taboo subject that the Tech companies spend 100’s Millions every year fighting and lobbying against in every country.

  • Bill J
    Bill J天 前

    IMO any product that doesn't have right to repair should be required to come with a lifetime warranty. And BTW my older ipad doesn't work anymore due to a software incompatibility. I'm trying to decide if I should buy a different brand to replace it.

  • jumpship88
    jumpship88天 前

    Ill donate. Imagine if everyone does, we could actually make a huge impact together!!! Lets kill em

  • BeanBean
    BeanBean天 前

    Just came over after watching MKBHD’s vid. Props to MKBHD for putting himself on the line, but this video is way better and more straight to the point. Love it when people just bash companies trying to integrate anti right to repair policies.

  • pl m
    pl m天 前

    This is ridiculous. Instead of getting more government regulation on businesses why don't consumers just stop being fucking masochists and giving their money to companies that fuck them. If most people did this those companies will be forced to take care of their consumers or go out of business and better ones will replace them. This is how capitalism works.

  • cookieface80


    18 小时 前

    Because people are stupid.

  • channel4ferrets
    channel4ferrets天 前

    Louis Rossmann entered the chat.

  • David Abraham Garcia Lozada
    David Abraham Garcia Lozada天 前

    Awesome video... just donated 40$... thanks for building up awareness

  • celula
    celula天 前

    Kinda important!

  • VsKatshuma
    VsKatshuma天 前

    It always hurts me so much when I find out what is going on behind the scenes.

  • joey86bu1
    joey86bu12 天 前

    This is a job for Madison!

  • Andre Anderson
    Andre Anderson2 天 前

    Amazing channel and explains the lightbulb situation. cnboth.info/dron/sh-p-n/n2qsbadkltCisH4.html

  • Andre Anderson
    Andre Anderson2 天 前

    Or training people over and over until everyone is trained to do it with out voiding the warranty.

  • Andre Anderson
    Andre Anderson2 天 前

    You are more political than you think. I'm here after mkhb video, and after WAN live

  • Jacob Moore
    Jacob Moore2 天 前

    Imagine how much cleaner the world could be if planned obsolescence was illegal

  • Adebiyi Adedotun
    Adebiyi Adedotun2 天 前

    Can we get a link to that article in 6:46 about The Depression?

  • Adebiyi Adedotun
    Adebiyi Adedotun2 天 前

    Thank you!

  • ashystyle
    ashystyle2 天 前

    Marcus did so much better take on the right to repair! Get ur game together.

  • Kerbo


    14 小时 前

    This was actually a really good summary of the whole thing, and hey at least it's being talked about.

  • Truman Leicher
    Truman Leicher2 天 前

    Hey, I am a farmer. Your not the only group that this affects. Much of our equipment has monitors and gps controlling our equipment. Also ECM which can derate the power of our equipment. There are situations where we have bad sensors or a problem that we can not diagnose without proper software. They will not release it to us. We have to have dealer/manufacturer come out and do the repair charging roughly 120-140 an hour from the time they leave the shop. Very frustrating when we are in crunch time. I fully back you in the situation. Just need to figure out a solution that makes everyone happy.

  • Jonathan Cotner
    Jonathan Cotner2 天 前

    Welcome to the Republican party :)

  • SanctusDemonus
    SanctusDemonus2 天 前

    this video got my sub! liking sharing the works. keep it up!

  • J P
    J P2 天 前

    is it geep (like jeep)? or geep (like geek)? Lawyers go! Trademark fight for my entertainment.

  • Statos
    Statos2 天 前

    Look up the "The Light Bulb Conspiracy". It explain how we come to use n throw society, that will might kill us all due all the dixions in the soli. In Finnish tv said that we must go towards nature products from oli petrolum based plastic. They said in finnish investigate program that in four generations in Finland (I take for example) the natives finns maybe will not exist. Due all dixions in our bodies and the dixions can be on your body forever.

  • Fadzai Chamba
    Fadzai Chamba2 天 前

    6:30 That's a really cool tin foil hat. I want one like that now.

  • Prospeed orginal
    Prospeed orginal2 天 前

    The irony is that all the problems started come from a capitalist society where profit are more important than innovations, people and the environment.

  • Robert Neve
    Robert Neve2 天 前

    I guess, like privacy (gdpr), this is another think the EU will have to provide the world. We already created right to repair for white goods and all products need a repairability score. And already in progress is the expansion to laptops and smartphones. Unless manufacturers want to make 2 sets of devices then the US will get it too.

  • Cid Sapient
    Cid Sapient2 天 前

    lol idk man right to repair is pretty self explanatory if ur someone that thought it was something different than it actually is u might want to examine exactly why or maybe sit back a lil on topics that dont apply to u

  • LynksysV
    LynksysV3 天 前

    There is no 97 Datsun, they were phased out by 1986.

  • Projjwal Dhar
    Projjwal Dhar3 天 前

    Finally. Thanks for saying it, Linus. It’s high time that corporations, particularly brazenly hypocritical ones like Apple, put the money where their mouth is.

  • Foo'd Bar
    Foo'd Bar3 天 前

    We are just frogs being boiled (yeah I'm aware that's not actually a thing). Forget mobile devices; you don't even own your pc anymore. The introduction of ring -2 and -3 (esp -3, and i'm aware they aren't actual rings, but that just makes things worse) imo if proof of this. Stuck in your machine like some sort of parasite is another processor that isn't documented, runs even when your machine is powered off, and communicates via its own ip address, doing whatever it wants etc. It's not your machine now is it?

  • M Anderson
    M Anderson3 天 前

    Linus is right, companies restricting repair rights may mostly be seen only in the electronics industry, but everything is becoming the electronics industry which is what’s so dangerous.

  • Little Bad Wolf
    Little Bad Wolf3 天 前

    Yeah. In 2015 my Samsung phone fell on its face outdoors and the screen got smashed badly. Getting a new one would have cost €150 + the repair work fee so probably would have come to €200+ whilst I could get a brand new, newer model for €190. Guess which I chose? Then, 5 and a ½ years later the same phone's screen repair cost me €72 including original / authentic parts and the repair shop's hourly fee. Since that phone's screen smashed I've never used a phone without a wallet style case. In hopes that the front flap might affect the fall in a way that it doesn't end up on its face if it falls during use. Though, I don't know about other countries but where I live it is easy and convenient to recycle e-waste. Well, at least in my city it is. So at least the environment is somewhat protected, even if the initial problem of having to buy new instead of repairing old still exists.

  • Jane Doe
    Jane Doe3 天 前

    This is all fine and dandy until you find out that human life is also planned obsolescence.

  • Licania
    Licania3 天 前

    It's already here in Europe but apple is doing everything they can against it. Problem right now is : parts prices. They put absurd amounts on them., last time it was the washing machine : one board was damaged (just after the legal warranty expired) and they said it would cost 2/3rd of the price of the machine. Looking at the card it would have cost 25$ max + cpu cost (and it was something that looked like a cheap arm cpu that goes for like 10$) they wanted.. 350$ for it.

  • Jah Re
    Jah Re3 天 前

    This business model of no way to repair urgently needs to be enacted on the weapon industry! Just imagine receiving an error code in the middle of a combat on a buttmounted dotmatrix like "Error 113" looked up in the manual troubleshooter it states: magazine empty - please contact a authorised retailer. Yeah would be fun, no?

  • Lee Sweeney
    Lee Sweeney3 天 前

    So does this include Nvidia limiters

  • Lennardo Da Vinci
    Lennardo Da Vinci4 天 前

    Kinda getting really hypocritical vibes when Linus starts talking about waste of planned obsolescence while he always talks about the „revolutionary improvements“ of an increase by 3 or 4 FPS through an entirely new NVIDIA GEfuck 420 at about 6900$

  • Lil'h
    Lil'h4 天 前

    The reason America won’t do it because the corporations are very good with their wording.

  • -Andrea- Jaylσкε
    -Andrea- Jaylσкε4 天 前

    Someone here has watched a bit of Veritasium recently.

  • Paul
    Paul4 天 前

    Best way forward is to boycott Apple completely - they are utter assholes. Personally I would never have an Apple product in my home. Other companies do this, but Apple is by far and away the worst.

  • Connor Davis
    Connor Davis4 天 前

    The auto industry should be an example for right to repair. In the case you can't get parts that are discontinued companies can hack the cars without any recourse. If the tech industry won't help us fix our shit they can at least not try to sue us when we hack their shit to fix it.

  • Skyler Azzuolo
    Skyler Azzuolo4 天 前

    Why should buying Second hand harm the manufacture? I mean if it's good enough to buy second hand has to be pretty good. Also if I'm buying refurbished then the refurbisher is the one that should gain or lose reputation.

  • 1978garfield
    1978garfield4 天 前

    It sounds nice but I don't see how you force companies to supply parts.

  • 50 Shades Of Hand Grenades
    50 Shades Of Hand Grenades4 天 前

    Those who don't support right to repair, while also believing in climate change make no sense. Either that, or they're grifting.

  • Christopher Martin
    Christopher Martin4 天 前

    They are trying to turn your PC into a content consumption device to IV drip media and ads to you. Look at WIndows UWP apps, have fun trying to modify a game whose files you can't see or access. This is what will finally push Linux.

  • Wapamup
    Wapamup5 天 前

    Thank you Linus and LTT! But sad that I can`t donate. My only option would be paying with paypal, but thats not an option on gofundme ... :/

  • GiPSy FiSH
    GiPSy FiSH5 天 前

    Thank you.

  • Achiles Redemptia
    Achiles Redemptia5 天 前

    the number one problem for right to repair is you ask the manufacturer at gun point, yes, at gun point, to develop more security and modularity to the devices they sold. the reason Apple charge high on the repair because you not just paid for repair but also your data insurance which third party repair you just did simply based on trust, not that I defence their repair cost though 🙄

  • Vic Morgan
    Vic Morgan5 天 前

    Sweeet I actually live in MA which is just crazy because I'll reap the benefits from this bill passing

  • Alex Perez
    Alex Perez5 天 前

    And this is why Tesla’s aren’t repairable because it’s cheaper to buy a new one than fix it.

  • Lawrence Robi
    Lawrence Robi5 天 前

    I'm kind of in the same boat with MSI. I bought an msi mag274qrf-qd from newegg at 370$, had it for a few days and broke the panel. Reached out to msi and they said they would charge me 390$ and I had to pay shipping both ways and this was after 2 weeks of radio silence from them and having to get newegg to contact them just for a reply. Seams like a way of saying we wount fix it just buy a other one

  • Scott Alder
    Scott Alder5 天 前

    Nigga what!? Massa what!? The fuck did you just say....Mass a two sis?!😂😂😂😂😂 See a lot of people didn't make it that far in the video. As far as everything else. Yeah...you are indeed right. ... Me finishing the rest of the video after talking shit and then realizing there was an only fans of LTT 😒🤡

  • Eric Gerwatowski
    Eric Gerwatowski5 天 前

    it's nice to see LTT take this stand. thank you.

  • 808rjsv
    808rjsv5 天 前

    Its all about greed

  • S Gill
    S Gill5 天 前

    The worst culprit is Apple. Which is why I swore never to buy another apple again.

  • a2cryss
    a2cryss5 天 前

    He forgot to mention Tesla who make cars but are trying to be like Apple and not let you get parts or disable functionality after the fact (supercharging and even 240v fast charging)

  • boastyy
    boastyy5 天 前

    Its not just the electronic repair , a whole bunch of car manufacturers got together and tried to quietly pass a bill to make it illegal for us to repair our cars and to only be able to take them to the dealers. What is the world coming to , just pure greed.

  • 6447686C49474E686132556761584D675953427361575575
    6447686C49474E686132556761584D6759534273615755755 天 前

    Imagine a world where the woke twitter mob actually used their power for something good.

  • skrounst
    skrounst5 天 前

    Are there seriously people that don't want to repair their broken electronics? Like, those people actually exist? In real life? I can't even fathom something of mine breaking, and not doing everything I can to try and fix it...

  • 4akat
    4akat5 天 前

    wait until he finds out about open source

  • Mirko Tomovic
    Mirko Tomovic5 天 前

    I am getting 20 gigs for 20$ man us is expensive if 5 for 20 is a deal.

  • David Carryer
    David Carryer5 天 前

    Keep up the good work....the world is starting to see www.bbc.com/news/business-56799069

  • Derek2k
    Derek2k5 天 前

    All I heard here was points being made that have to do with business opportunities Linus intends to do soon. Aka nice timing on this though it’s been years they have been fighting for this.

  • Duane Locsin
    Duane Locsin5 天 前

    The 'Right to replace $$bought$$ off politicians' would also be a great idea. It targets the very heart of many matters.

  • Bullzeyez
    Bullzeyez6 天 前

    I have a solution, I don't buy Apple.

  • George
    George6 天 前

    Heh, good luck - first you need to reclaim your representative government.

  • James Poulson
    James Poulson6 天 前

    When you buy stuff but it's not yours because some company is so scared of its competition that it is making life difficult for its customers.

  • Mr Butcher
    Mr Butcher6 天 前

    The good old times. I got a Siemens server psu which is over 30 years old. It is up and running today. And my 18 years old powerdrill is working flawless even though it costed less than 30$.

  • Szafa
    Szafa6 天 前

    Right to Repair

  • Robert G.
    Robert G.6 天 前

    Linus if you ever see this comment please consider changing the title of this video to "What is right to repair" so I can show my friends this video without them saying "oh this is just some dumb opinion take video."

  • Dexter
    Dexter6 天 前

    What's even more annoying about Apple, is that once you've bought a movie from them, they reserve the right to remove it from iTunes, only for it to re-appear again

  • Lucas lacasse
    Lucas lacasse6 天 前

    Linus now that the first day views are gone you can change it to right to repair to get more views when people search for the topic because you're subscribers and average viewers are no longer looking for this video

  • Dexter
    Dexter6 天 前

    I'm shocked that my iphone 6s plus won't last a life time

  • Sean T
    Sean T6 天 前

    Hell yeah man have to keep talking about this.

  • Peanut - INTP
    Peanut - INTP6 天 前

    These kinds of anti "anti consumer" videos are great, but really not frequent enough and/or overshadowed by the silence in sooo many puff pieces. It's frustrating knowing that you guys know this stuff, care about this stuff but spend 95% (made up number) of the time kissing the ass of those companies. AAAhhhhhh :"|

  • Troll Lolol
    Troll Lolol6 天 前

    I posted this on my Facebook, and not ONE PERSON liked, commented, or otherwise said anything. I'm pretty sure Facebook is shadow banning this video FYI.

  • blueberries
    blueberries6 天 前

    it would be nice if the video title wasnt vague and mentioned the importance of right to repair

  • alex2frbnks
    alex2frbnks6 天 前

    "Anyone opposing 'right to repair' opposes individual freedom." LOOKING AT YOU JOHN DEER! >:(

  • YamiAlex224


    4 天 前

    Looking at apple

  • Gandalf22476
    Gandalf224766 天 前

    Right to Repair for the win! Service manuals, schematics, and parts aplenty! Tools are one of my favorite investments, they fix my other investments.

  • Donn Jeferson Atienza
    Donn Jeferson Atienza6 天 前

    Make linus's dryer RGB

  • Eddie Evangelista
    Eddie Evangelista6 天 前

    I support right to repair