Eating 3D Printed Chocolate!


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What would be the unholy offspring of a fridge and a 3D printer? The Cocoapress. Today we’re 3D printing chocolate, and its definitely going to be our most delicious video ever.
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Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
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Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0


  • Chaitanya More
    Chaitanya More3 小时 前

    Me : who printing anime waifu 😏😏

  • MVMP
    MVMP7 小时 前

    couple of years ago i saw an modified printhead for 3d printer that made you able to print chocolate. now i only found chocol3d but if i recall correctly that wasn't the one i saw previously.

  • PheggasSVK
    PheggasSVK13 小时 前

    *Watching this vid while eating a chocolate*

  • Liam Collinson
    Liam Collinson15 小时 前

    It would be amazing for chocolate truffles

  • Nathan Garcia
    Nathan Garcia17 小时 前

    If I ever be a member of LMG and get into the Intel Extreme Upgrade, this is gonna be top priority under buying an AMD system.

  • SusanIvanova2257
    SusanIvanova225720 小时 前

    Honestly I'm only a hobby baker and I low key want one. Provided they really get it to work reliably I can totally see boutique bakeries and confectioners being all over these. I've only dabbled in chocolate making and making custom pieces is incredibly labour intensive and requires serious skill. A chocolate 3d printer could open up so many possibilities.

  • Melting Autumn
    Melting Autumn天 前

    Noone can understand how ecstatic I am that someone as big as linus agrees that white chocolate is not chocolate, its so hard for people to understand lecithin is not chocolate. And that deserves a like.

  • hypnosins
    hypnosins天 前

    chocolate fleshlight

  • FrancoYaya
    FrancoYaya天 前

    White chocolate is the superior chocolate

  • Sagar Kathuria
    Sagar Kathuria2 天 前

    Every other CNboth channel:- NordVPN, ExpressVPN Linus:- pee eye ayy Me who used to watch Linus in 2016:- *sad TunnelBear noises*

  • Juinor Gaming
    Juinor Gaming2 天 前

    0:15 you get what you fucking deserve

  • Shelly
    Shelly2 天 前

    you could have put the boat in chocolate milk to see if it floats.

  • DK Enablers

    DK Enablers

    2 天 前

    Good idea

  • uNo U
    uNo U2 天 前

    Those heating pads are really zip tied on huh? lol

  • LumpyRoots
    LumpyRoots2 天 前

    But is it Fairtrade?

  • Miraii
    Miraii2 天 前

    10:53 POV: You are watching Attack on Titan

  • SkelaKingHD
    SkelaKingHD3 天 前

    This is cool until you realize you can just normally 3D print a mold and fill it with chocolate

  • Jacinto P M Da Costa
    Jacinto P M Da Costa3 天 前

    Well, if I just could eat my mistakes!

  • FreedomWarrior
    FreedomWarrior4 天 前

    covid-19 is a fraud

  • TheRealBoz
    TheRealBoz5 天 前

    White chocolate is literally chocolate.

  • Hunter Roberts
    Hunter Roberts5 天 前

    Even though this technology is AWESOME (it really is), it's a bit worrying imo. Just as we've saw older forms of art get lost through time, will confectionary masters who study years, upon years to get these results be forgotten? Of course, this is an amazing product to democratize the craft, but an art form which has lasted for literal thousands of years DOES need to be preserved. It may be time to start looking into preservation for things as simple as the techniques required to create these sort of creation, at least in my opinion.

  • K60
    K605 天 前

    Why are your logistic and shipping solutions so bad. The more I watch your channels the more I find items and tech damaged in shipping, it hurts seeing expensive tech just destroyed by shipping. Mah hart Mah Sol

  • MelodicTechno
    MelodicTechno5 天 前

    I was hoping “this“ was an anagram

  • Auna Breslin gaming
    Auna Breslin gaming6 天 前

    linus, i love you

  • SnowCYYCling
    SnowCYYCling6 天 前

    It would make a great storefront display piece. I can already see a ton of kids pushing their greasy noses onto the glass watching it print

  • Nova Legodi
    Nova Legodi6 天 前

    First 3 seconds of thos video are cringy

  • Ezra Walker
    Ezra Walker6 天 前

    I would love it if you made an entire pc with chocolate (except maybe the case) once it develops more.

  • Zbionix / Caleb H.
    Zbionix / Caleb H.6 天 前

    thats super cool!

  • DJ Scottdog
    DJ Scottdog6 天 前

    Tempering also makes the chocolate taste much better

  • DJ Scottdog
    DJ Scottdog6 天 前

    Could just 3d print a mold lol

  • Hizsoo
    Hizsoo6 天 前

    Didn't know that delivery is that awful in NA.

  • Matt Holston
    Matt Holston7 天 前

    I'm guessing the camera man is an alcoholic.. He's either got DT's or you gave him too much alcohol to calm the shake's and now's he's wobbling all over the place..? Trying to focus on the print's but the camera is moving too much..

  • lautaro munoz
    lautaro munoz7 天 前


  • Straw Hat
    Straw Hat7 天 前


  • W. L.
    W. L.7 天 前

    I'm sure someone else did and most people confuse it anyway unless you're from the area :: UPENN is the private school, not the state school. The Pennovation center is part of UPENN. the state school has little to no presence in Philly; it's Penn, Drexel, Temple, Jefferson, and so on.. Just in case anyone wants to go digging into the resources noted 🍻

  • MrTingles
    MrTingles7 天 前

    Linus: Now, at 10000 dollars... Me: **short circuits**

  • WAFAM 96
    WAFAM 967 天 前

    You can clearly notice linus reading his scripts while explaining the cocoa press!

  • MarioTetris 998
    MarioTetris 9987 天 前

    1:52 That cracks me up everytime

  • andybrown2310
    andybrown23107 天 前

    Linus Goo Tips

  • SCP-049
    SCP-0498 天 前


  • Efren Mosconi
    Efren Mosconi8 天 前

    4:25 i love the double explanation

  • TheQuark6789
    TheQuark67898 天 前

    I think you could make a good business using this to sell confections in LA or Vegas.

  • TheQuark6789
    TheQuark67898 天 前

    4:40 Deja vu

  • Mr Etc
    Mr Etc8 天 前

    isnt all chocolate since the dawn of time 3d printed?

  • Kelvin McGill
    Kelvin McGill8 天 前

    Shipping in Canada must be horrible...yall always get broken shit

  • Matthew Ebbage
    Matthew Ebbage8 天 前

    Im picturing a one-size-fits-all unit you place into an empty refrigerator. That would save on build costs and increase availability.

  • Husain B
    Husain B8 天 前

    pls more chocolate/food related videos though

  • Husain B
    Husain B8 天 前

    you better have finished that peice of chocolate you bit and not thrown it away, mr. tech tips.

    DORGS8 天 前

    1 million people= interesting.

  • andreaś _-
    andreaś _-8 天 前

    Now at last we can finally call you Linus Sex Tips

  • African Warlord
    African Warlord8 天 前


  • tutacat
    tutacat8 天 前

    Thats way advanced compared to the non-chocolate they had before Also "8S-usumuaWo" Also homogenius chocolate!

  • Deathstranger
    Deathstranger8 天 前

    Just slowly beginning the future of eating from printers like the amazon show upload where strangely only the rich were able to eat regular food while middle and lower class families were stuck with printed food so some how the printers will get much cheaper 😂

  • Jam otto
    Jam otto8 天 前


  • Toleich
    Toleich8 天 前

    Moral of the story: If you're giving a demo unit to a media company that will get millions of viewers; just hire a van to deliver and set it up yourself. Your sales team will thank you.

  • smush
    smush8 天 前

    "Linus gets white goo on his face" one for the Only Fans page I think.

  • Theirslater
    Theirslater8 天 前

    Custom chocolates for Valentine's day and stuff could be pretty lucrative

  • Agent Holmes
    Agent Holmes8 天 前

    "Expertise in chocolate 3d printing "

  • Thanny Devitos
    Thanny Devitos9 天 前

    2:26 - me sitting here after literally just giving my capstone presentation at penn state👁👁

  • W. L.

    W. L.

    7 天 前

    Don't worry, even people who went to neither cringed at the error.. Try again lienus

  • jjvader
    jjvader9 天 前

    Linus sechs tips

  • 22Gunslinger
    22Gunslinger9 天 前

    Can’t wait for next Easter when they sell packets of chocolate ltt logos.

  • Soapeツ
    Soapeツ9 天 前

    "it involves white goo in my mouth" When the imposter is sus Dun dun dun dun dun dun

  • John Smith
    John Smith9 天 前


  • Brandon G
    Brandon G9 天 前

    Who else is scrolling through the comments to see if there’s anything about the white goo in his mouth

  • Simulation
    Simulation9 天 前

    that's what she said

  • Bonk I say
    Bonk I say9 天 前

    I love the all caps warnings and ridiculous amounts of stickers on their second box to the shipping companies lol

  • AllTracTurbo
    AllTracTurbo9 天 前

    How is white chocolate a scam? If you like creamy things, white chocolate tastes amazing. If you think it is a scam because they are ripping you off by charging the same, but not including cocoa solids, that doesn't make much sence because the most expensive ingredient in chocolate is coca butter and white chocolate contains more cocoa butter than regular chocolate. Both US and Canada have legal requirements for the minimum amount of cocoa butter in white chocolate. Calling white chocolate a scam would be like calling Jif or Skippy peanut butter a scam. I do not eat Jif or Skippy peanut butter because of how they make it, but I wouldn't call it a scam.

  • Saul Goodman
    Saul Goodman9 天 前

    Chocolate gives me diarrhea.

  • Hwikek
    Hwikek9 天 前

    What kind of candy maker needs help making a chocolate bar?

  • Medveczky György
    Medveczky György9 天 前

    Mindig is gondoltam, hogy van a 3D nyomtatónak jövője! :D Like! :)

  • Jerry Crow
    Jerry Crow9 天 前

    What can glasswire do that sorting by network in task manager cannot?

  • mcrubar
    mcrubar9 天 前

    This is so useless... Where can I buy it?

  • wakawaka world
    wakawaka world9 天 前


  • Benjamin Wilson
    Benjamin Wilson9 天 前

    That water bottle drop pained me...

  • BlazinSouth
    BlazinSouth9 天 前

    bites chocalate ahh thats good..... thinks of onlyfans

  • Ashhad Alam
    Ashhad Alam9 天 前

    make a pc with this plz ; )

  • TheCommandMaster
    TheCommandMaster9 天 前

    Anyone else notice linus is using the word bullish a lot lately?

  • BJ Playz
    BJ Playz9 天 前


  • フォックス_FoXe
    フォックス_FoXe9 天 前

    Camera Man: So what did you do at work today honey? Linus: I did something; it involved white goo in my mouth. LOL

  • Prophet
    Prophet9 天 前

    I never thought I'd hear the sentence "Those dick-butts are dark chocolate" and I definitely never thought it would be on a tech channel

  • Tharindu Karunatilaka
    Tharindu Karunatilaka9 天 前

    0:44 mmmm das guuud

  • Mr T.M.G
    Mr T.M.G9 天 前

    From computers to chocolate 3D printers, I like the vibe :D

  • SaltySince1994
    SaltySince19949 天 前

    Tempering chocolate is one of the most frustrating things in catering, especially if you aren't a chocolatier. Whilst it helps that this machine comes with pre-tempered chocolate, it still isn't a walk in the park getting it to print. Kudos to the designer for making it this far, I look forward to seeing what this machine can do with the kinks ironed out!

  • Eetu Kuittinen
    Eetu Kuittinen10 天 前

    I've watched LTT for so long now that my brain automatically scans for sentences that could be turned into segues. *Speaking of segues, Honey!*

  • Chris Nathan
    Chris Nathan10 天 前

    I knew that I'd end up diving down the rabbit hole eventually. But I couldn't imagine that it would include Linus. Wonders never cease.

  • AhsanMC
    AhsanMC10 天 前

    3:51 Imagine shoving a turd in there and printing with it

  • schwig44
    schwig4410 天 前

    Sorry guys, this one isn't gonna crack into bakeries the way you think. You can achieve the same thing with a standard 3d printer, ideally a resin printer for speed, use it to make a positive, make a mold with food save silicon which bakeries doing that type of work already source, or can very easily, and pour into finished mold. They'd have to make slugs on demand anyway or crank out a bunch on a slow day and keep em on hand as long as possible... This thing is just not worth the headaches, let alone the 10 large

  • 2zad
    2zad10 天 前

    And ounce again we get the rare dark theme intro

  • N9N9S
    N9N9S10 天 前

    Haha Dick Butt.

  • Bucket Guy
    Bucket Guy10 天 前

    And he almost drop the chocolate LTT logo.... at 8:55

  • Mateo GP

    Mateo GP

    10 天 前

    linus drop tips

  • Dom Reader
    Dom Reader10 天 前

    I would LOVE them to use a miniature progressing cavity pump for the next version, and chocolate pellets. I built a 3DP version for my old uni project (icing not chocolate) and they were finicky, but that would mean prints could be a LOT bigger and you can just keep... topping up the hopper.

  • Theendgamelv3
    Theendgamelv310 天 前

    I am assuming there was Onlyfans content hidden in here =P.

  • Earl P
    Earl P10 天 前

    We've got a world first chance at 3d printing chocolate, what should we make... Dick Butt...

  • Michael Kelly
    Michael Kelly10 天 前

    Ooof every snob that went to UPenn's biggest fear, getting confused with a mere great public university. Mostly Jest, but it does cause some people a lot of stress.

  • McCabe88
    McCabe8810 天 前

    0:01 - 0:07 Linus has just memed himself again

  • asovias
    asovias10 天 前

    Make a chocolate PC. ;)

  • cyberpunk64bit
    cyberpunk64bit10 天 前

    this is the only review ive seen from this channel that im kinda disappointing on, only because i want to eat the 3d prints.

  • Величко Димов
    Величко Димов10 天 前

    watchil linus gains 10 punds by minute lmao

  • iosubb
    iosubb10 天 前

    Thumbnail looks like you're holding a poop.

  • Mr_Awesome617
    Mr_Awesome61710 天 前

    the thumbnail tho also if i ever won rog rig reboot, the first thing i would ask for is a dickbutt sticker and engraving in the side panel, put the sticker on the top, one on the back of the monitor, and one for my vr headset

  • UntouchedWagons
    UntouchedWagons10 天 前

    Linus how much chocolate did you eat while filming this?