The Jankiest EXTREME Gaming Setup - Intel $5,000 Extreme Tech Upgrade


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David went above and beyond for this one, that's for sure.
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Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
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Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0


  • theCTsavage
    theCTsavage7 小时 前

    David’s laugh though

  • Srewolf Airsoft
    Srewolf Airsoft9 小时 前

    You should send your ps1 over to TysyTube Restoration!!!

  • AirBrunswick
    AirBrunswick10 小时 前

    AAAHHHH!!! I have that GPU on backorder! Not the waterforce one, but maybe I should go water cooling... It's going to happen someday.

  • Lockheed AH- 56 Cheyenne
    Lockheed AH- 56 Cheyenne10 小时 前

    21:14 the vid on the tv lolol

  • Zachary Greenman
    Zachary Greenman11 小时 前

    Sad Linus is the best Linus.

  • Skwrl Fuzz
    Skwrl Fuzz13 小时 前

    Man he is the coolest boss ever

  • P Shashikanth
    P Shashikanth13 小时 前

    Its like my friend explaining math to me

  • 6jv
    6jv14 小时 前

    I cringed so hard at the beginning with the camera falling

  • Alfons Janason
    Alfons Janason18 小时 前

    Does he have to show how sweaty he is in pretty much every shot..?

  • Mayur Gite
    Mayur Gite19 小时 前

    In 5000 dollors you can buy fucking alinware....!! Wait I 3 for gaming.... i need to puke right now.... !!

  • Libro
    Libro19 小时 前

    i realy enjoy all these extreme tech upgrade episodes but all those 3080´s is just unrealistic at this point. first it cost month´s to get one and second the prices are almost at half of the 5000 intel´s budget.

  • Neerada Kulatillake
    Neerada Kulatillake20 小时 前

    When david laughs it sounds like a hyena is getting strangled

  • Raj Bodra
    Raj Bodra21 小时 前

    Bro give rtx 2080 graphic card im poor gamer

  • Magnus Thomsen
    Magnus Thomsen22 小时 前

    11:12 your allmost right. Ninja also uses that camera as webcam😂

  • Simeon Rodrigues
    Simeon Rodrigues天 前

    dude david is so bosy lolololol

  • Simeon Rodrigues
    Simeon Rodrigues天 前

    i feel so bad for linus OMG

  • max dagle
    max dagle天 前

    "a $2000 camera is a little overkill for a webcam." Gavin free laughs in phantom.

    RRT_SOL天 前

    what is his laugh

  • The Real Snuffly
    The Real Snuffly天 前

    22:55 i thought i my pc was dowloading a virus

  • Legit Nathan Cox
    Legit Nathan Cox天 前

    1:04 the pit is insane

  • Frandy Alfaro
    Frandy Alfaro天 前

    I'll be buying one of these when my 818million of #SAFEMOON Cryptos hits $0.01 and more! Let's Go! 🚀🚀🚀

  • paku
    paku天 前

    I didn't remember I've watched this and even liked it. I'll do it again.

  • mcflu
    mcflu天 前

    I really just want a 3060Ti, preferably close to the original msrp (please US, ditch the stupid f'in tariffs, though i know that's only one step in the issue)

  • Uran us
    Uran us天 前

    Almost every time I see a PC built on this channel I'm reminded PC components desperately need to be standardized to a much stricter degree.

  • Jack Of No Trades
    Jack Of No Trades天 前

    davids laugh makes me smile

  • undead9786
    undead9786天 前

    I replayed the first 3 seconds of this video 24x

  • Tyler A.
    Tyler A.天 前

    “I got this chair..” Hey! That’s the same chair I have at work. “... its the cheapest ergo chair they make” Oh that sense, that chair is super uncomfortable. Really not missing it working from home. Thanks covid!

  • Renatu's Gaming
    Renatu's Gaming天 前

    Linus trying to get the water cooling setup sounded like he was going to die from cringing


    so what is the use of those two cpus 😓?

  • superowner11
    superowner112 天 前

    Would be nice if you guys could hit me up with an upgrade. I just got my own house and my rig still uses a 1070 ;D and still use base monitors :P

  • Gareth Thomas
    Gareth Thomas2 天 前

    I heard winnie the pooh in his laugh! 🤣

  • Sanjay Potdar
    Sanjay Potdar2 天 前

    Intel Extreme Jank Upgrade.

  • TheGoldenCulture
    TheGoldenCulture3 天 前

    can you upgrade my 11 year old PC setup too? lol.

  • beyblade gameplay
    beyblade gameplay3 天 前

    "All people in the world, trying to get 3080's" Me:*searching for an old geforce gpu*

  • MrQuestioMark
    MrQuestioMark3 天 前

    Tech tip: stick to working on computers Linus. And keep enforcing those vaccines After all you do have a paycheck to get 🤡

  • Harry Long

    Harry Long

    天 前

    True, he's much less qualified for politics than a TV show host


    Hope you can do a computer make over for me...havent done it since 2015. Have you ever been in Norway Linus?

  • FlynnTheRedhead
    FlynnTheRedhead3 天 前

    Omg he pre-ordered Persona 5 Strikers, he’s a god

  • Alexis Paolo Ilao
    Alexis Paolo Ilao4 天 前

    Watch his stream so that we can see how good his 2000 webcam is gonna be

  • Seamus Caspers Ross
    Seamus Caspers Ross4 天 前

    this build cost more than my car

  • Clapz FN
    Clapz FN4 天 前

    he done did himself dirty he has to edit it lol

  • Teda
    Teda4 天 前

    How do you make your intros

  • tg1018
    tg10184 天 前

    🥺 R2-D2 computer please!

  • Namit Shah vines
    Namit Shah vines4 天 前

    What can I do with five k

  • Kami Clyde
    Kami Clyde5 天 前


  • WMHPlayz
    WMHPlayz5 天 前

    Anybody else notice David's pitstain when him and Linus were going over the parts. Lol not to be mean but its just a funny little blooper that I noticed.

  • digital subliminal messages
    digital subliminal messages5 天 前

    S R B That was "Daniel's" hair cut

  • digital subliminal messages
    digital subliminal messages5 天 前

    S T O P. R A P E I N G. B A B I E S I did hear what you said// ... Oh boy / .. but you were on their side ... / When disaster struck ./at midterms // .. blipped .....?blipped?/// /// It's a loaner/ /

  • Haris Javed
    Haris Javed5 天 前

    Man this video makes me so sad…I miss Tyler…. You should change the name of this series.

  • Blimo
    Blimo5 天 前

    0omgg the laughhh 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Andre Gallippi
    Andre Gallippi5 天 前

    Can they makeover my setup, please.

  • ShortzYT Transit & Gaming
    ShortzYT Transit & Gaming5 天 前

    The beginning when the camera fell onto the monitor hurts me in the gut.

  • Scrae
    Scrae5 天 前

    Dang all the 2.5gbps connectors of my brain caught fire coz i couldn't process any of the things said after the 20 minute mark

  • That Dreadhead
    That Dreadhead5 天 前

    The whole vid : ha ha who who who who who

  • blackdog2700
    blackdog27005 天 前

    Can’t believe you hide this man behind the camera 🤣 David is so funny!

  • Angel Blue
    Angel Blue5 天 前

    Hey Linus, or anyone reading this, I'll take all the help I can get. I'm planning on getting my own $5000 Home Rig Upgrade, but I really wanna stretch my dollars. My Current Rig is a Quad-Core i7 2600 with a Dell optiplex motherboard, 2 random ram sticks at 16gb, a 520gb and a 2tb Hard Drives, 650w Power Supply and a GTX 1060. I wanna upgrade my CPU and Motherboard mostly. and possibly use my old PC as an Arcade Gaming thing. I also wanna Stream and Do youtube, So I'm just gonna buy a Note 8 as my camera, since it has a good quality and still have a headphone jack because I really like my ear buds, and for some reason people don't seem to make them as well as iluv. I know upgrading my Graphics Card is kinda a secondary thing to the Processor, but I also wanna buy a Graphics card for my friend because I feel bad for letting him build a PC at these times due to the shortage. He's missing other components aswell but I just wanna help with the biggest thing in the room. Any ideas I what should I go for anyone? Also Love from NYC, Watched your videos for 2 years now, really think LMG is cool

  • Elyo The Ripper
    Elyo The Ripper5 天 前

    Intel sponsor me ill make out with an i7

  • Keeleww
    Keeleww5 天 前

    Amazing video as usual. Absolutely love the channel. I have some pc questions that I need help with if you have the time. Anyone really I’m sure you’re all knowledgeable about technology. Anyways it would be very much appreciated if you could reply to this comment. Love the videos keep it up.

  • Hooneper
    Hooneper6 天 前

    Met the moron who hasn't watched water-cooling build guides

  • RadicalTurkey
    RadicalTurkey6 天 前

    Gotta say. I'm a bit disgusted by how disrespectful this guy is to $10k worth of hardware. He's kind of an asshole.

  • Spxly
    Spxly6 天 前

    I have 1500 dollars available to buy a gaming PC what should I buy? Idk much about PC

  • Psychic
    Psychic6 天 前

    me watching this with ge force 820m 45hz monitor :(

  • Diggi Dirk
    Diggi Dirk6 天 前

    facebook and google are better than LTT FORUM!!! AT LEAST YOU CAN DELETE YOUR ACCOUNT THERE!!!!

  • Jeyson
    Jeyson6 天 前

    He better be good at w.e games he plays, no way your ass with all this

  • Sashrick07
    Sashrick076 天 前

    Intel: Gives $5000 to spend on a setup *Buys a Ryzen 7 5800x*

  • Fullsize chino
    Fullsize chino6 天 前

    Idk why I watch all these videos idk what they are talking about....

  • Liam Rose
    Liam Rose7 天 前

    Notification ringtone: makin progress!

  • Liam Rose
    Liam Rose7 天 前

    I use a closet door for my desk.

  • ethan hoskins
    ethan hoskins7 天 前

    I love that he is watching a lot video

  • Joe Holden
    Joe Holden7 天 前

    like its not a comedy channel but I'm laughing my ass off through all of these

  • Step Bro
    Step Bro7 天 前

    David hurts my brain

  • Derk Gahler
    Derk Gahler7 天 前

    This dude was a little nervous 😬 1:00

  • Vizdrom 97
    Vizdrom 977 天 前

    "There were a couple of random nuts in a random baggy" -Linus 2021

  • VR_jorge
    VR_jorge7 天 前


  • Barrels
    Barrels7 天 前

    Believe it or not david is a peak athlete, the camera man should never be slept on

  • SeaShellCityFL
    SeaShellCityFL7 天 前

    intel sux

  • King
    King7 天 前

    that ps3 always has a dodgy power button, mine did even when i had it as a kid

  • JLCodes
    JLCodes7 天 前

    That laugh 😹

  • Wise-ist
    Wise-ist8 天 前

    Linus how can i work for you? :D

  • StayLikeJay
    StayLikeJay8 天 前

    mostly, PC building is solving problems!

  • StayLikeJay
    StayLikeJay8 天 前

    I have 5.26 mbps what can i do?

  • John Do the Party Hanzo
    John Do the Party Hanzo8 天 前

    Y’all not talking about David gonna play PaRappa next time he has sex???????

  • Jake Hammond
    Jake Hammond8 天 前

    was the first thing anyone else noticed the i3 in the background

  • Mysterion S
    Mysterion S8 天 前

    wait, did i hear i3????

  • Talal Bu-Hazza
    Talal Bu-Hazza8 天 前

    How can i get a 3080

  • Christian Peabody
    Christian Peabody8 天 前

    My guys going a core i3 with a 3080

  • Carlos Diaz
    Carlos Diaz9 天 前

    Why does david sound like Rafiki when he laughs HAHAHA LOL no hate tho

  • Mugiono Sepatan
    Mugiono Sepatan9 天 前

    What name of that legs desk ?

  • rebeltug
    rebeltug9 天 前


  • Sondra Sebald
    Sondra Sebald10 天 前

    Anyone know what those monitor arms are? They are awesome

  • Ethan Brooker
    Ethan Brooker10 天 前

    is it just me or david laughs like slappy????????????????????//

  • bruh moment
    bruh moment10 天 前

    Sick video! Now tell me where the taco truck is 😐

  • Big Bung
    Big Bung10 天 前

    You should do some type of collab with corridor digital I love both of your channels

    XTIAN TV10 天 前

    i wish i had a computer like that 😭 im from Phillipines dreaming a computer and become a streamer 😭🙏🇵🇭❤️

  • Runean
    Runean10 天 前

    this is so poorly thought out its unbelievable

  • Tyler 05126
    Tyler 0512610 天 前

    I love Davids laugh

  • Green Mountain Trees
    Green Mountain Trees10 天 前

    that porch is not safe for grilling

  • Steivene Kres T. Quintana
    Steivene Kres T. Quintana10 天 前

    Whew. just awesome!

  • Expo 711
    Expo 71110 天 前

    What David twitch or if he is on twitch

  • impreza0109
    impreza010910 天 前

    Can't wait for Jake's Extreme Tech Upgrade if he ever gets one.

  • BenNerdBooger
    BenNerdBooger11 天 前

    Been watching LTT sporadically for a year or two now, and I think this might be the first time I've heard David speak... A lot more 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 than I imagined. 😚