Our Craziest Cooling Project Yet


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On today's episode of Linus Tech Tips the gang gets more wet than usual!
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  • Kris Planker
    Kris Planker3 小时 前

    Your water-cooling content would.. hold more water with a sponsorship from the Flexseal family of products.

  • Jonathan
    Jonathan3 小时 前

    Mixed metals baby!

  • Diamond Ninja4
    Diamond Ninja45 小时 前


  • Alex
    Alex7 小时 前

    Yeah, the transmission cooler works by exchanging heat from the hotter oil into the relatively cooler water, so you're wasting your time there.

  • William Bland
    William Bland14 小时 前

    Once inspired by a younger Alex and Linus, I made a mineral-oil PC. at the time I was a tech for a car dealership, and radiators were easy enough to get ahold of. With some proper connections, I was able to make one into a cooler for the oil. 3 small things done differently, and this radiator build would have been even more successful, but probably not as funny. Love the "Mad Scientist" videos, always a treat and an inspiration.

  • smegskull
    smegskull天 前

    That radiator could just fit as a side panel to my HAF-X.

    HTBLuVA天 前

    I want privacy cards but I am from Europe!

  • David Hen Feldman
    David Hen Feldman天 前

    99% jank

  • rustyrob
    rustyrob天 前

    Looks like a secret mining rig LMAO.

  • RangerRivet
    RangerRivet天 前

    I honestly don't know why they didnt just buy a roll of flex tape and tape their connections

  • Andar Broment
    Andar Broment2 天 前


  • Daniel Santos
    Daniel Santos2 天 前

    everytime they put out a 'crazy cooling project' I still think of whole room watercooling with the window-mounted radiator. Which looked fairly similar to this thing

  • PDG_ Strix
    PDG_ Strix2 天 前

    Lets see if at least the Pt cruiser radiator do somethung, cause the rest of the car, geez...

    MAATESSSX2 天 前

    Cooling my system with GSX-R 1000 radiator for 2 years...

  • DG
    DG2 天 前

    I remember some Russian guy using Volvo radiator for cooling in the early 2000's.

  • MrGrebgnet
    MrGrebgnet3 天 前

    You should try to water cool a pc with out fans by hooking up The reservoir to a running tap and dumping The water after The heat block into The drain!

  • Kody Miles
    Kody Miles3 天 前

    this seems like a completely practical way to cool your pc, you just need an extra 3 people willing to damage control the entire time you use it

  • Grant Hampson
    Grant Hampson3 天 前

    I've been wanting to use a car radiator for PC cooling for years!!! Would like to see a proper benchtest with no leaks

  • Remo Turchetti
    Remo Turchetti3 天 前

    The script of this episode is something like "Just wing it"

  • W4WWW - Raker
    W4WWW - Raker3 天 前

    To everyone who didn't laugh by the end of the video - You're taking life WAY TOO SERIOUSLY.

  • Alex Gibson
    Alex Gibson3 天 前

    There are a lot more important problems with the approach here, but the one that really got me was: why not put the brown fans in a neat row in the middle?

  • Alim Bhanwadiya
    Alim Bhanwadiya3 天 前

    A plumber could have done the trick.

  • Gordon Nettles
    Gordon Nettles3 天 前

    If you need help with this I have knowledge of both car radiators and computers

  • Young Blood
    Young Blood3 天 前

    what a cringe it become now....why do they put the radiator on top...

  • S G G
    S G G4 天 前

    What the hell did I just watch

  • JustCallMeChad
    JustCallMeChad4 天 前

    That was painful to watch, and not in an entertaining way. :\ I honestly would have loved to see this done right.

  • Zachary Barlow
    Zachary Barlow4 天 前

    They know nothing about cars!

  • Kris Holland
    Kris Holland4 天 前

    Meh. Did this ten years ago. Mine didn't leak. :D

  • Blank Nothing
    Blank Nothing4 天 前

    Voice Crack 0:08

  • Voracious
    Voracious4 天 前

    I wonder how many computers this setup can keep cool at once? would love to see this

  • Planetbustard
    Planetbustard4 天 前

    Chernobyl NPP control room 15 August 1972:

  • netbeing
    netbeing4 天 前

    I raise, try a helicopter radiator :D

  • 8Bit Noise
    8Bit Noise5 天 前

    I wonder if they thought about hose clamps instead of ducktape. _keeps watching_ let's see where this goes.

  • Von Droid
    Von Droid5 天 前

    i'm surprised they've never heard of the product called " Magic Wrap ". I've used it to temporarily seal everything from automotive to plumbing joints - even works on air compressor hoses.

  • K M
    K M5 天 前

    For an ex engineering student, alex really disappoints sometimes with the "lets do all this weird shit for the video" instead of actual engineering shit

  • K M
    K M5 天 前

    Feel like using the car radiator shroud wouldve been all that was needed

  • muhammad fahad nazir
    muhammad fahad nazir5 天 前

    You should have used jubilee clamp on bike tubes cut outs

  • Sharad
    Sharad5 天 前

    Really should have just gotten proper fittings. But, it was a pretty fun train wreck to watch!

  • Z MAN
    Z MAN5 天 前

    this video is such a disaster

  • spYro
    spYro5 天 前

    Man, this episode stressed me out a LOT x_x ^^°

  • Morgan May
    Morgan May5 天 前

    Ahhhhh the chaos!! I love it!

  • Jon Hudspith
    Jon Hudspith5 天 前

    this isn't a project, its a skit.....

  • gamedeathmatch
    gamedeathmatch5 天 前

    Seems like most people in the comments are on the fence with this video, you either liked it for comedy or wanted to see a more polished version. I am in the latter camp I want to see a well thought out idea that has a logical implementation/testing

  • pirotehnika na kvadrat
    pirotehnika na kvadrat5 天 前


  • militaryiam97
    militaryiam975 天 前

    Could just bought a radiator for 70 on Amazon lmao

  • Houtzyboy
    Houtzyboy6 天 前

    Who else can see this leading to whole room water cooling 2.0

  • DjDeadPuppies
    DjDeadPuppies6 天 前

    Thanks. I hate it.

  • xuqv
    xuqv6 天 前

    do an intercooler

  • Jeff Chadrick
    Jeff Chadrick6 天 前

    These are the shenanigans that i subscribe for.

  • Scotty Bot
    Scotty Bot6 天 前

    Jay needs to see this...

  • mr_ _micro
    mr_ _micro6 天 前

    I actually did this in 2014. It worked. The tower reached up to the ceeling. I needed to disassemble it and rebuild it because we moved. The radiator(audi tt) is still cooling my cpu and graphics card( ryzen 7 1700x and 1080ti.) Temps under full load are under 70 celsius for both. And you only need two 230mm fans for airflow. I use 2 laing ddc pumps and copper piping

  • scorntooth
    scorntooth6 天 前

    did u guys consider installing a single standard box fan to the side of the rad? might be better lol

  • Dick kallerhan
    Dick kallerhan6 天 前


  • Tripp Williamson
    Tripp Williamson6 天 前

    Just think, if they would have used one of their many 3d printers to print a reducing bushing instead of using a innertube...

  • SaintApoc
    SaintApoc6 天 前

    if you had put a FLIR on it while putting water through you could maybe see the loop. Also, this thing needs to be mounted in a window with one giant fan

  • Saulo Augusto Martino
    Saulo Augusto Martino6 天 前

    now that's a radiayor

  • Ken Otwell
    Ken Otwell6 天 前

    Worst project ever. I'm skipping over most of it - this is really bad dude.

  • Inservio
    Inservio6 天 前

    LOL you two bickering like that reminds me of that old guy with the motorcycle customisation thing. Son's name was paulie, I do remember that. Screaming row on pretty much every motorcycle they built.

  • CeZaR NeBuN
    CeZaR NeBuN6 天 前

    FAIL...but fun to watch...you really need to take some plumbing classes...actually, nvm

  • Drew Pera
    Drew Pera6 天 前

    You needed metal clamps for the hoses, zip ties don't get tight enough.

  • Thor Out
    Thor Out6 天 前

    Iinus I could have soldered a correct fitting to the car rad for you!!

  • 10cody7
    10cody76 天 前

    the real stress test would be trying to actually use this damn thing

  • 〈/†〉[Nick1921945]〈♥☺♪♫〉
    〈/†〉[Nick1921945]〈♥☺♪♫〉7 天 前

    Why was there no hospital beeping, and respirator noises during the entire half of this video? You guys spent like 2minutes planning this all out. Insane.

  • Eric Glandon
    Eric Glandon7 天 前

    You have an engineer Linus do this correctly. While fun to watch it would have been nice to see it done seriously

  • Anthony Juhl
    Anthony Juhl7 天 前

    This is so painful it isn't funny, why not make the loop correctly instead of just dumping water everywhere.... they make adaptors and proper clamps

  • Donvan snarr
    Donvan snarr7 天 前

    There's no way they didn't do this for entertainment purposes this was the best video I've seen in a long time lmao

  • maks steen
    maks steen7 天 前

    one word.. mora3

  • Jedi Dream
    Jedi Dream7 天 前

    always good i loveit

  • Elijah Williams
    Elijah Williams7 天 前

    Can you re do this with like a Honda Civic rad they are so small

  • Foxygamer 360
    Foxygamer 3607 天 前

    0:00 LITERALLY that's what she said lol

  • Jacob L
    Jacob L7 天 前

    Little do we know this video will spur a auto radiator shortage as crypto miners rush to cool their setups to record low temps

  • chicharoimpresor
    chicharoimpresor7 天 前

    pinches locos jeje

  • Wong Yan Ching
    Wong Yan Ching7 天 前

    Alternative title :chaos for 20 mins

  • Julian Hoelz
    Julian Hoelz7 天 前

    I know people that cook their food in this manner.

  • UnlimitedGames
    UnlimitedGames7 天 前

    It's like a how to Frankenstein your whole PC setup

  • Coaxill
    Coaxill7 天 前

    You guys weren't even trying this time. I kept thinking you were about to get your shit together and fix the leaks, but a solution and a proper test never materialized. And while the frame setup was a great idea, it had no reason to be on top of a case like that, and you could've taken it down at any time. I wanna see you revisit this and do it justice. I love your videos Linus, and I think you'd appreciate the honesty.

  • PD1JAP
    PD1JAP7 天 前

    OMG inner biketube.... why not 3D print something to connect GOOD....

  • m4ko
    m4ko7 天 前

    Linus. Your conclusion is false. You rushed this and constantly poured fresh cold water into the system. You would need to run the stress test for a long time without changing water until water temps don't increase anymore. Cool idea. Bad execution.

  • TheQuark6789
    TheQuark67898 天 前

    LTT continues its journey to become Top Gear.

  • Nick Vega
    Nick Vega8 天 前

    Use engine ice!

  • MaximumDumb
    MaximumDumb8 天 前


  • PifchoBG
    PifchoBG8 天 前

    emergency room in action

  • bruhh in my room i make cofee
    bruhh in my room i make cofee8 天 前

    imagine a performance radiator

  • Matt Snyder
    Matt Snyder8 天 前

    There’s about 50% of me that totally wants Alex’s job. And the other 50% of me feels incredibly sorry for him.

  • Apo
    Apo8 天 前

    Hahahaha i'm not sure if i want to do this.

  • Per-Olof Andersson
    Per-Olof Andersson8 天 前

    Why, oh why did you not just put the cooler next to the computer case??

  • seelenschlucht
    seelenschlucht8 天 前

    Can you please revisit this test in a propper way? I'm really interested in the results with such a radiator.

  • R D
    R D8 天 前

    That was a real noob fail....

  • Crazygamerkasten
    Crazygamerkasten8 天 前

    This looks like something my friend would do if he snorted cocaine

  • Robert Wiersema
    Robert Wiersema8 天 前

    How do all these guys have absolutely no concept of what a transmission cooler does? Running the output water through the trans cooler is the equivalent of using a ice cube to cool off a ice cube. I'm not even going to mention the lack of understanding in pipe fittings. Everything they needed could have been found at the hardware store.

  • Benjamin Destanovic
    Benjamin Destanovic8 天 前

    Pretty sure this is how babies are born?

  • Radek Wysocki
    Radek Wysocki8 天 前

    Cheepest radiator 243CAD?!?!?! brand new radiator on ebay.ca is 100 bucks....

  • Ferox Nomad
    Ferox Nomad8 天 前

    Try it it with a small LC atv radiator instead. It uses only one larger 12v fan. Maybe tune down the american sensationalism a bit as well. Just get it done right the firs time and maybe you will get view counts that actually have value to them.

  • Terry Lau
    Terry Lau8 天 前

    Well this is a complete and utterly useless video.

  • Wayno BamBayno
    Wayno BamBayno8 天 前

    What a shit show.

  • darxniq
    darxniq8 天 前

    how come you combine main loop radiator to transmission loop radiator.. just use main loop only.. omg.. hahahahha..

  • Mitchell Terblanche
    Mitchell Terblanche8 天 前

    Thumbs down for poor effort

  • Evander Slamet
    Evander Slamet9 天 前

    is it iust me that ever think to watercool my house 😂

  • SenseDaAviator
    SenseDaAviator9 天 前

    Imagine , even a car have water cooling dang.

  • James Valadez
    James Valadez9 天 前

    This is absolute peak "boys will be boys" mentality. Did this need to be created? No. Was this well thought out? No. Was this a win? No. But goddamn if they weren't going to just give up on this hackneyed project. I'm proud of you fellas