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Many members of the PC community have started to notice a glaring issue with their RTX 3080 and 3090 series cards - excessive vRAM temperatures. Fortunately, the boys over at EKWB have cooked up an interesting solution to the problem with their own actively watercooled backplate. Let's see if it fixes NVIDIA's mistake!
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  • Phillip White
    Phillip White天 前

    I just want to know where to get anything in the RTX 3 series :P

  • AbsoluteSpeed
    AbsoluteSpeed天 前

    You need to mention this backplate is only compatible with Zotac cards

  • Taha YT614
    Taha YT614天 前

    your sponsor are so dead now change it up man like tunnel bear 😂

  • Firstname Lastname
    Firstname Lastname2 天 前

    Watch out AMD, NVIDIA coming for your crown in the heater business.

  • EpicKaiserTom
    EpicKaiserTom2 天 前

    Even if the max operating temp is technically higher than what it maintains temperature at, that's not exactly good. Silicon gets worn down more and more quickly with each degree. A 10 degree difference in temps can mean a significant increase (or decrease) in operating lifetime by as much as 20-30%. And considering how small and fragile transistors are getting, it's only going to become a larger issue. 1 atom out of 500 knocked out of place is less of an issue for a transistor than 1 out of 50, or less. And heat almost primarily dictates how often that happens.

  • Lukasz
    Lukasz2 天 前

    Will that backplate work with 3090 strix gaming?

  • ThexWITCHxMaster
    ThexWITCHxMaster2 天 前

    So basically this is for miners not someone like me who hasn't seen major issues with heat on my 3090.

  • Gospod Nadskof
    Gospod Nadskof3 天 前

    100.C for IC si completly normal. You ppl just dont know much about electronics and think that optimal temperature for IC is 21.C.

  • Ry Ry
    Ry Ry3 天 前

    Great another computer you can't buy because its out of stock

  • Nyxi
    Nyxi4 天 前

    Linus finally looks like a chad and not a virgin, bravo! Loving the beard.

  • Tathar
    Tathar4 天 前

    When are we going to get GPUs with first-party water cooling?

  • staringinward
    staringinward4 天 前

    Linus, Will you please let me work for you? Please.

  • basspig
    basspig4 天 前

    Linus uses a 60,000 dollar flir camera to photograph a 1500 dollar gpu.

  • basspig
    basspig4 天 前

    If you can't buy one, it the problem even relevant?

  • Aaden Delmar
    Aaden Delmar5 天 前

    Can you build me a free pc and send it to me


    Seeing this on my gtx 1060 max-q and going "hmmmmm...this is interesting"

  • Royal Blues
    Royal Blues5 天 前

    5:38 Every time I see somebody installing water cooling it makes my heart skip a beat. There’s gotta be a safer way to add water to the reservoir.

  • Sašo Muc
    Sašo Muc5 天 前

    Bottle Linus tech spit... Reading bottle upside down is unfortunate.

  • Bumbabie Bee
    Bumbabie Bee5 天 前


  • Benjamin M
    Benjamin M5 天 前

    At the risk of sounding pedantic, the temperatures were not "half". That isn't how the Celsius temperature scale works. You would have to use an absolute scale like Kelvin to determine the true relativity of the temperatures. In the case of 102°C vs 64°C, that would be 375K vs 337K, which is ~90%, not 63% (which you rounded to "half").

  • Ryan Freeman
    Ryan Freeman5 天 前

    I know everyone here probably doesn't like crpytominers, but I don't like the idea of mining locks on GPUs. The company should not be telling me how to use a product I pay for. Its not even them saying you cant mine, its them making it so the product CANNOT be used in that way. After I pay for it, I should be able to use it any damn way I please.

  • relaxxxrrr
    relaxxxrrr5 天 前

    In 2005 the Xbox 360 launched with EDRAM "rated" for 105C... ... ... And the consoles ended up with over 80% failure rate.

  • Cristian Vargas
    Cristian Vargas5 天 前

    Ekwb stuff is amazing. My 3090 has no heating issues in gaming while massively overclocked. Mining is reliable under 85c memory junction temps.

  • ZMacZ Furreh
    ZMacZ Furreh5 天 前

    I just had to. 8:23 - clicks "Next video" LOL.

  • Karaf
    Karaf5 天 前

    I'm a siple man, I see etherium I press dislike.

  • Matthew Lupica
    Matthew Lupica6 天 前

    LINUS what are you using to see/record those temps. i have the zotac 3090 with an ek waterblock and it gets up to about 65 degC while gaming but i cant see all those specific temps on the card with the monitoring software that i use.

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name6 天 前

    After not watching ltt for like a week, I've realized how smug and annoying this guy can actually be. Man this channel has gotten bad :/

  • Panos
    Panos6 天 前

    Linus, you are working too much with the same category: gaming hardware. This is the pinetree of CNboth diversity.

  • Yummer
    Yummer6 天 前

    Late LTT videos are being auto aspect ratio by youtube resulting in huge side black bars

  • Rumple Stilskin
    Rumple Stilskin6 天 前

    Miners - Here's how to get highest hashrate: In MSI Afterburner, press CTRL-F, shift-click and drag now select everything except 750mv. drag the selection of everything except 750 down. Click Apply. Setup a custom fan curve to make fans run at 80% over 52 degrees and 100% at 56 degrees. Now crank up your RAM to max. click apply. Now get the hacked copy of Nvidia Profile inspector and in section 5 turn off forced P2 state. Now in Nvidia driver, choose Max Performance in the Power Management Mode section.

  • Jeffmorgan83
    Jeffmorgan836 天 前

    I touched the backplate on my Strix 3090 and damned near burnt my hand!

  • Jeremy Highhouse
    Jeremy Highhouse6 天 前

    I ordered 3 active backplates and they all came warped. They also didn't include 8mm screws as the manual says it should. I had to get 12mm screws to make it work. EKs quality has really gone down.

  • Pangtundure
    Pangtundure6 天 前

    It's Rewind time

  • Khaens
    Khaens6 天 前

    Graphics card power consumption:350W Linus:TDP Linus cmon this us just petty at this point

    REVIEWS6 天 前

    Hi Linus Tech Tips,You don't have the cojones to have a beard. Get used to it. You will do better without the dead squirrel on your face. :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • Steven Musselwhite
    Steven Musselwhite7 天 前

    Got a reference 3090 here (Galax) and the VRAM hit 110C and ramped the fans to 100% when i tried mining Threw on the EK front and active back and now its 72C... nvidia dropped the ball on VRAM cooling

  • Vince W
    Vince W7 天 前

    Crypto mining; converting energy into heat, and creating E-waste great job world.....

  • CaliGirlBailey
    CaliGirlBailey7 天 前

    OK, can someone clear something up for me? I'm building my first computer and using water. I have the Aorus Xtreme Waterforce WB 3090. Based on this video, because it's already water cooled, I should be ok? Or is an active backplate still something I should consider if it's even available for this card?

  • Brydandon
    Brydandon7 天 前

    Thank you for this Linus. Rather people like it or not, mining algorithms are the best way to maximize a stress test on a GPU, and maybe even CPU. Some of these mining algorithms should be staple benchmarks to max test cores, and memory to its limit. So that we know how far not to take it. GDDR6X is new. So I appreciate you for testing it on everything, that way I know that I have a battle tested GPU when spending 1k+ on a GPU.. This is valuable information. Some of us just aren't soley gamers, some of us are gamers+digital artist/data scientists/etc.

  • Deef Purple
    Deef Purple7 天 前

    The Problem is in a lot of cases that the Thermalpads dont have enough thermal conductivity. After I changed the pads on the backplate my card runs fine. But the backplate is very hot as it gets.

  • Homo sapiens invictus
    Homo sapiens invictus7 天 前

    That’s 212 degrees Amerenheit!

  • somethingbrite
    somethingbrite7 天 前

    Sadly EK only make this active back block for a couple of cards. However....MP5Works do an add on cooling block that straps to the back of a regular backplate and works pretty well.

  • Olaf Willocx
    Olaf Willocx7 天 前

    Micron GDDR6X chips are rated up to 105C. Literally a non-issue. Yes, the 3090 is at the absolute edge, that's the whole point. This is definitely ok NVIDIA.

  • Toni Schumacher
    Toni Schumacher7 天 前

    Linus pls don't give advice to cryptominers. I hope their GPUs overheat and burn. They ruin the planet and they ruin gaming lmao

  • wardope
    wardope7 天 前

    Mining lock. Pfff mining is too lucrative right now, there is no way Nvidia will be able to make some sort of Mining lock that won't be circumvented it no time. Also if you are mining on the RTX 3090 you are either stupid or desprate. because you can get 3-4 RTX 3060 for the same price as a single RTX 3090 and those 3-4 cards will give you way more Hashing power than a single Rtx 3090 will. the powerdraw will be a little more but still ROI able in no time!

  • OnitGamingK
    OnitGamingK7 天 前

    I'll have to wait for barrows to copy it, EK isn't planning on doing any waterblock for Gigabyte cards and with my waterblock my ram is still going up to 80 degrees.

  • Winter Arkwright
    Winter Arkwright7 天 前

    Linus: You probably don't need this solution. Me: Yes, but consider, I WANT it.

  • Tudor
    Tudor7 天 前

    Sad Linus at the end, did you see it?

  • Ankith Gunupudi
    Ankith Gunupudi7 天 前

    is i7-10870h is a good processor...........?

  • abc cbc
    abc cbc8 天 前

    I am curious how this would perform with some of the other solutions on the market like the optimus water cooling thick backplate with its 3mm thick fujipoly that covers the whole backside of the pcb (transfers heat off it fast) I don’t have the equipment to test it but i do have the optimus block that can be lent out. I am expecting stuff in to finish my permanent build soon. Been waiting on some brand watercooling products that have only been available to purchase recently.

  • Giovanni P.
    Giovanni P.8 天 前

    What is the potential of developing AI on an Nvidia GPU to detect if someone is mining or gaming or watching videos or whatever to determine what to throttle or reduce power consumption to? Of course this will only be meta data collection on what you are doing but it is for the greater good... cnboth.info/dron/sh-p-n/aqpuq8eWjrLDubA.html

  • JayMcnay
    JayMcnay8 天 前

    pc case doubles as an airfryer

  • Karate Is a Language
    Karate Is a Language8 天 前

    someone needs to do a 'will it blend?' video for a 3090

  • bsharpmajorscale
    bsharpmajorscale8 天 前

    You know it's bad when your Celsius temps start sounding hot to a Fahrenheit boy.

  • Brian Berthold
    Brian Berthold8 天 前

    and if your dumb enough to by a 30 anything you should get taxed more

  • Baron Clime
    Baron Clime8 天 前

    Linus, shave. You don't have the cojones to have a beard. Get used to it. You will do better without the dead squirrel on your face.

  • squoshi


    7 天 前

    My exact thoughts. He looks like the guy in the white van asking kids if they want candy.

  • Swim Fan
    Swim Fan8 天 前

    Prius and Tesla owners- Save the world! then buy a 3080/90

  • MaverickBlue
    MaverickBlue8 天 前

    "You can't circumvent this message from our sponsor"..... _hits spacebar and stops video_ Not today Satan, I'll circumvent everything you throw at me.....altho now I'm _almost_ interested to know who the sponsor was....almost.......

  • Braxtyn Billey
    Braxtyn Billey8 天 前

    linus hair kinda looking like jimmy neutron in this video

  • Micah Lingle
    Micah Lingle8 天 前

    Thanks will smith

  • Nathan Gamble
    Nathan Gamble8 天 前

    I've been thinking recently that a graphics card manufacturer should make a design with a proper heatsink on the back rather than just a backplate - the back of my RX 480 gets pretty warm, and I can get the fan to run a lot quieter when I put my hand on it and absorb some of the heat. How about a triple-slot card that goes two slots down and one slot up? It might be a good way to fit a better GPU cooler into a smaller case.

  • George Penguin
    George Penguin8 天 前

    I think nvidia make their tests outdoor to Alaska.

  • stickmenwithrayguns
    stickmenwithrayguns8 天 前

    You are actually handing out optimizing tips to miners? :( You should instruct them to plastic-dip their cards instead.

  • Springy Boi
    Springy Boi8 天 前

    Tbf knowing EK quality (or more - lack of thereof) I'd rather wait for Bykski or Bitspower.

  • Peter Warasila
    Peter Warasila8 天 前

    Mining block is such a stupid idea. Just gonna make life more difficult for everyone

  • TiagoTiago
    TiagoTiago8 天 前

    I wonder if maybe they did this to try to affect the mining potential of the gamer cards...

  • ThePonycat
    ThePonycat8 天 前

    I should get something like this for my 1060 gets crazy hot🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Marek Čelko
    Marek Čelko8 天 前

    Hi Linus, we found a way to monetize your kids. Linus- *gets excited*

  • Cryptonitor
    Cryptonitor8 天 前

    not ok.. Tooo hot. People dont like being in 100 degree enviroment. AC costs tons of energy to run. These designs makes the humans consume alot more energy than necessary

  • White Supreme
    White Supreme8 天 前

    I can't visit my friends or family right now but I can go to Applebee's and spend my money and sit with them at the same table while sharing a plate of food. Fuck consumerism. Why the fuck should I contribute to the wealth of others when I can't even see my family?

  • duaplex1
    duaplex18 天 前

    No active backplate for the Strix :(

  • SaimonSSL
    SaimonSSL8 天 前

    Thanks Linus now I can mine more efficiently. Thanks to you I am going now to put my bots in full throttle and buy all the RTX 3090 TI and 3080 TI as soon as they become available.

  • Antnee
    Antnee8 天 前

    For the love of god, stop talking about mining in your videos! F*ck miners

  • Filip laskovski
    Filip laskovski8 天 前

    The 3080 series gaming x trio’s has thermal pads on the graphene backplate even tho it doesn’t have modules on the back and it helps keep the whole card cool, still what helped me was adding little heatsinks on the backplate.. I dropped 8c off my mem temps

  • Urbex Kaoclan
    Urbex Kaoclan8 天 前

    Hate cryptomining cant wait longer en did buy a gtx1080 ti hall of fame Is that any good together i9 10900k? No please help me to get a rtx3080 please linus iam living in tbe netherlands Please linus help me

  • 19_Naman_1A7
    19_Naman_1A78 天 前


  • Bob Corn
    Bob Corn8 天 前

    The time and money they are spending on that mining lock could have been used to design or rework a card to be the perfect budget gpu. :(

  • Dynamic Unreality
    Dynamic Unreality8 天 前

    Re: The "crypto mining lock" on upcoming cards - LOL Im totally sure that will work.

  • OCPyrit
    OCPyrit8 天 前

    Which case is this? It looks nice.

  • poinguan
    poinguan8 天 前

    Proper backside heatsink should be mandatory on all modern graphics card. Not just a dump flat piece of metal.

  • 57thorns
    57thorns9 天 前

    So, when are we going to be able to buy graphics cards for gaming? When is the mining operations going to stop?

  • First Last
    First Last9 天 前

    Damn it, I fell for a Linus ad. Kids will enjoy it at least.

  • EternalRogue
    EternalRogue9 天 前

    Stop selling out to the crypto miners man, they are the reason the market is shit to begin with and the reason you can't buy a $300 card for under $800. And even worse, don't try to pass along BS about locks to keep crypto miners away. You literally just made a video for them. Why try to add in something claiming Nvidia is going to lock them out of a card after Nvidia offered the way to unlock their cards for the purpose of mining.

  • thetomoffel
    thetomoffel9 天 前

    Sorry the first video I downvote, but can't stand this mining stuff..

  • raidmax21
    raidmax219 天 前

    Lol I remember LTT's last video on back plates, saying they were useless. LTT completely misunderstood their use. In the other video he benchmarked and tested the GPU core temps, which of cause would not show an improvement... Back plates have always been for cooling the rear Vram and its always been simple to prove the effectiveness. Simply OC the Vram with and without the plate and you'll see you're able to push the memory OC far more with the back plate.

  • Reebz0r
    Reebz0r9 天 前

    A cooling solution for miners... how ironic.

  • Bo Zo
    Bo Zo9 天 前

    Now that’s hot (insert Will Smith)

  • Oliver Morton
    Oliver Morton9 天 前

    could i get a 3080?

  • squoshi


    7 天 前

    3,080 slaps on the face.

  • Mick Wolf
    Mick Wolf9 天 前

    I use an older Intel stock cooler with thermal paste on the backplate of my 3090 turbo directly opposite the Gpu die, it drops about 10°C. Much cheaper

  • bradster2214
    bradster22149 天 前

    "you can't circumvent this message from our sponsor" i beg to differ. *skips forward 30 seconds*

  • J.J. Brown
    J.J. Brown9 天 前

    "speaking of circumvention, you can't circumvent this message from our sponsor tha-" *pauses video*.. "wana bet?" *goes and plays minecraft*


    Not to worry lads, if you can't get a 3080/90 then you don't have to worry about this problem!

  • Michael Brown
    Michael Brown9 天 前

    Zack stop.. Zack! Stop! Zack, stop.. Zack stooopp!!

  • Baboom
    Baboom9 天 前

    Known Fact linus will not stop complaining about Nvidia

  • Bayponyx
    Bayponyx9 天 前

    :45 seconds if you wanna skip the cheesy intro

  • BattMauers
    BattMauers9 天 前

    Nothing like voiding the warranty on a $3000 card.

  • TD PW
    TD PW9 天 前

    i havent been watching ltt for a few months when tf did linus get the jimmy neutron haircut

  • Super Hiro
    Super Hiro9 天 前

    Who gives a fuck about GPUs anymore? I’ve been waiting for 8 months now and my half upgraded PC is going to be obsolete, so fuck it, I moved to consoles.

  • Krystina
    Krystina9 天 前

    Also good luck to probationary employee number g!!!

  • Krystina
    Krystina9 天 前

    Jokes on you guys, I used my 3070 and 5800x to warm up my room by running both GPU and CPU benchmarks at the same time