Nothing EVER Works!


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Trying to make my old school garage door openers "smart" has left me with a multi-year-long nightmare of different solutions that never all worked properly. Today, we fix it for good with the help of HomeAssistant and Pulseway.
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  • Ivan.
    Ivan.2 小时 前

    These companies are so stupid dumb...

  • Oliver Wilde
    Oliver Wilde15 小时 前

    Pay the subscription

  • Ados
    Ados20 小时 前

    Great video guys but you really need a disclaimer for UNRAID. I have been using Home Assistant on UNRAID for ages, if you use the Core edition you greatly limit your expandability in future. That's because HA Core is the bottom level for features, then HA Supervisor and finally HA OS. HA Core - docker ready but missing features including the big one, store add-ons. HS Supervisor - for systems with an OS i.e. Linux, Pi and contains all the features HA OS - for those wanting a VM with an OS only for HA to reduce overhead (basically HS Supervisor + minimal OS) If you want to take your automation to the next level with MQTT and other protocols you need add-ons which cannot be installed on HA Core. While you can transfer 70% of your configuration its not a 1:1 so if you thinking of going down the HA yellow brick road, advised to avoid core. Please get this to the top please to help others :)

  • EdgyShooter
    EdgyShooter天 前

    With how often my Google assistant randomly wakes up and hears stuff my doors would be opening and closing every five minutes 😅

  • GiG DaDDy
    GiG DaDDy天 前

    Can I get 16:56 of my life back?

  • Chad Henwick
    Chad Henwick2 天 前

    Literally just solved the issue with a bit of a better solution. Would have done this video differently

  • William Mills
    William Mills3 天 前

    Talk about apple home for the win

  • Hangman official
    Hangman official3 天 前

    Shoulda asked Michael Reeves for help.

    FLIPxBEAR3 天 前

    If someone breaks into your car to steal your garage door opener and knows where you live. You got bigger problems. If you are that paranoid. Hide the fob in the engine bay. Take it out of there before you start your car. Lol

  • Idk Anymore
    Idk Anymore3 天 前

    You could also, (and I know this may be asking a bit much), just turn off your auto wifi connection and disconnect before getting into your car. And double check you haven’t reenabled auto connect before coming home. No IP change if you hold cell signal at all times

  • Sean Yem
    Sean Yem4 天 前

    "Ooooh The ZigBee!"

  • Titus Overmyer
    Titus Overmyer4 天 前

    Sadly, almost everything is trying to go the subscription route. You can't just own anything anymore....

  • James Last
    James Last4 天 前

    KISS>>>>"Keep it simple, stupid."

  • TheMrTape
    TheMrTape4 天 前

    6:40 Could fix that by adding a 1-10kohm resistor from the green wire to negative, or to positive in the rare case it's a PNP transistor. Wont break it to find out by trial and error.

  • Tech Yeet
    Tech Yeet4 天 前

    Try using one of those button pressers with Bluetooth so you can just press a button on a remote.

  • Robert Coffey
    Robert Coffey5 天 前

    A warning for people who are interested in a career in IT: the title of this video is very apt. Nothing EVER works. Or if it does, don't expect it to do so consistently. Also, if something in the software is broken, it's either Java or DNS. Or Certificates that expired. Fucking Java.

  • ron baer
    ron baer6 天 前

    ifttt screwed everything by make it a pay to use

  • bobyboy
    bobyboy7 天 前

    You know I bought the separate My Q hub and transmitter and set it up in my garage to work with my 80’s era garage door so I could open it with Alexa over a year ago.... only problem I ever had was when I forgot to change the credentials when I swapped routers but a hard reset and 15 mins to set it back up worked great. With that being said I’ve been considering the home assistant docker for my unraid system but have heard it’s a nightmare to get up and running. Would you say it is any easier or harder than setting up unraid itself or other dockers such as plex and makMKV?

  • Glory Hold
    Glory Hold7 天 前

    They have door openers that are credit card sized for ur ridge wallet also ones that attach to your key ring your creating a non existing issue to solve for the sake of coolness

  • Jay Mosshart
    Jay Mosshart9 天 前

    That does not look like a Linus solder job.

  • EchoConstellation
    EchoConstellation9 天 前

    Get the MyQ, then block it from WAN access. Then use HomeKit natively or HomeAssistant to trigger it when out of the house. That solution is free, and avoids any “updates” from Chamberlain. Siri or the Home app happily handle my garage door without the garage door having any WAN access. HomeKit is free, an AppleTV or iPad handles the hub task, and securely provides external access.

  • Curtis B
    Curtis B10 天 前

    @9:50 - was typing that you need to look at Home Assistant but then..

  • Peeple Eeter
    Peeple Eeter10 天 前

    Wouldn't a casing with copper shielding block the frequency that was activating the garage door randomly? I know this works with guitars and distortion feedback, but idk about much else. I play guitar fast, I'm no scientist. Lol

  • Clifford W Crawford
    Clifford W Crawford10 天 前

    Raspberry Pi much?

  • Clifford W Crawford
    Clifford W Crawford10 天 前

    What has home automation become? We never had this kind of headaches in the early 2000s.

  • CL1909
    CL190910 天 前

    I bought two Meross garage door openers with google assitant and HomeKit comparability. So far no problems and has worked very well!

  • Hey Jamie
    Hey Jamie10 天 前

    I can’t even express how infuriated I am when something doesn’t just WORK. Or when something simple is entirely maddening. Like FCKING HOSES!!!

  • Skywind
    Skywind11 天 前

    Hmmm. Linus doesn't want to pay subscription fees, but is sponsored by a subscription model service..... granted pulseway's pricing model makes sense given what they are providing, just kinda funny

  • Mazen
    Mazen11 天 前

    my dad just has a code paper or something on his front glass and the sensor opens the door whenever it sees the correct code

  • Crimson Fhang
    Crimson Fhang11 天 前

    you dont like the wireless buttons in your car because they are a security risk? and your using home brew wireless home automation with a server. give a hacker 5 minutes at most and they're in. Nothing wireless is secure, being a tech guru you should already know this.

  • Ivan Fazekas
    Ivan Fazekas11 天 前

    Almost sounds like Scotty Kilmer. (Lovem both)

  • CowPat101 _
    CowPat101 _11 天 前

    The next video should’ve been I moved house.

  • Digital Insan1ty
    Digital Insan1ty11 天 前

    ye going IFTTT was the bad real bad here. I decided long ago it's no good using something proprietary for the main controlling hub and something self hosted like homeassistant or openhab is the solution

  • gadjetsvideo
    gadjetsvideo12 天 前

    It looks like your EMC problem was happening because you put your external relay contacts across the switch that triggered the base of a transistor (or the gate of a FET) , maybe they left off the pull up resistor from the circuit which made the transistor very sensitive to induced currents from electrical noise. Check for the pull-up and if there isn't one then try adding a 4K7 from the green wire to the circuit supply voltage, this will then "de-sensitise" the transistor. You could also try winding your purple and green wires together to form a twisted pair which will help to cancel out any common mode induced interference.

  • TapesNstuffS
    TapesNstuffS12 天 前

    Radio remote master race. No software glitchy crap. People can steal your phone too and get much more info about you than a random remote that nobody knows which garage you own.

  • Arun Kanjoor
    Arun Kanjoor12 天 前

    in india we dont have a garage so im really sorry but i think you are getting angry over a very first world problem lol XD

  • Kuroji
    Kuroji12 天 前

    But they moved right?

  • Mummified Tony
    Mummified Tony12 天 前

    Can this voice command work when you tap the voice button on Android Auto?

  • tobsam
    tobsam12 天 前

    Ummm... So, I use IFTTT to forward Alexa commands to a Raspberry Pi, which then controls a bunch of stuff in my room. But I am also limited by the 3 recipes without the subscription. Well... It turns out, that you can just use multiple accounts and connect them to the same amazon account - so my Alexa can run as many IFTTT triggers as it wants to. I just have to create a new account for every 3 triggers.

  • Mendo D's Oregon Back Roads
    Mendo D's Oregon Back Roads12 天 前

    What about just using the garage door buttons built into the mirror? That seems a lot easier than asking Google to do it.

  • navry01
    navry0112 天 前

    HAHA! Now the classic about printers! :D

  • ps
    ps13 天 前

    LMAO, Here Linus from Brittanica - Diminishing returns, also called law of diminishing returns or principle of diminishing marginal productivity, economic law stating that if one input in the production of a commodity is increased while all other inputs are held fixed, a point will eventually be reached at which additions of the input yield progressively smaller, or diminishing, increases in output. Just get the car remotes for that specific GDO if their app bites...

  • Sillyhatday
    Sillyhatday13 天 前

    Imagine having to pay a monthly subscription to control your garage door.... "You didn't pay this month, so you can't get your car out of your garage"

  • Steve DOES
    Steve DOES13 天 前

    Home Assistant! Hooome Assistant! -Paul Hibbert

  • ZaBiMaRuSz
    ZaBiMaRuSz13 天 前

    i loved this video, is the most 1rst world problem i ever seen, thanks guys

  • David Herrera
    David Herrera13 天 前

    It feels like $1/mo is more valuable than all the struggles in hindsight

  • Titus Overmyer

    Titus Overmyer

    4 天 前

    He went that route and it didn't offer all the functionality

  • osito021
    osito02113 天 前

    My system is by far better and superior than yours. When I come home and park on my driveway, I get out of my vehicle and physically open the garage door, park my vehicle inside and then physically close the garage door myself at the end of the day. Far less complicated, more secured and above all, effective. Problem solved.

  • Paul humphreys
    Paul humphreys13 天 前

    i bet all the messing about has cost you more than $1 a month (muppet)

  • Kourosh Tavangar
    Kourosh Tavangar14 天 前

    Wow your hair is so clean today 😅😂love it 🤩

  • Jack Sommers
    Jack Sommers14 天 前

    the lift master ones actually are serial busses and they sell an adapter to use normal contacts

  • StapleCactus
    StapleCactus14 天 前

    I'm assuming the fob in car idea is bad because someone could break into the car and steal it? Is that what you're worried about? Doesn't seem like an issue if you don't get your car broken into. Of course, I have old cars no one cares about and I'm not well known enough for people to spot me from my car and target me.

  • Andrei Palcu
    Andrei Palcu14 天 前

    This video: Nothing EVER works!!!1!!1!!11!!111!!!!! Next video: Download a better GPU!!!11! | This method REALLY WORKS!!!11!!!111!!!!1!!!

  • Venu2HD
    Venu2HD14 天 前

    never gettin tired of that intro

  • Tafellappen
    Tafellappen15 天 前

    Imagine just hiding the fob in your car. I hide it so good even i cant find it when i get home

  • DeanRendar84
    DeanRendar8415 天 前

    the mech tech (relays) always gets preferred over the pcb tech, even though its primitive and doesn't look much, those in the know taught me that. consistent reliability wins over people

  • 352GNV
    352GNV15 天 前

    I don't know how your wife puts up with your stubbornness

  • MetallicBlade
    MetallicBlade15 天 前

    K.I.S.S., Linus. I bet you, the old one still worked better (Until it died) than this modern crap. Good way to open up extra network vulnerabilities. Not very _smart_ now, huh?

  • Mohammed Armaan
    Mohammed Armaan15 天 前

    A fucking server to open a garage door

  • cybernessful
    cybernessful16 天 前

    I don't get it. Why is a fob less secure than what you install on your iPhone?

  • Benji Daniel
    Benji Daniel16 天 前

    Funny how people will spend many hours of their own time to avoid paying a small subscription fee. Like is your own time worthless?

  • MetroDubsCo
    MetroDubsCo16 天 前

    you see the security issue with a door fob in the car.. but not one where anyone can ask google to "OPEN GARAGE DOOR"?

  • Erez Engler
    Erez Engler16 天 前

    Chamberlain just fixed the ip address problem a few days ago.

  • Daniel's Game Vault
    Daniel's Game Vault16 天 前 thanks. Just keep your fob :)) The cost+time of all that probably outweighs the results.....

  • Swedishmanintheworld
    Swedishmanintheworld16 天 前

    missed opportunity to just call the home assistant Jarvis...

  • SillySnowFox
    SillySnowFox16 天 前

    Can Home Assistant be used with a local DNS entry? Or does it need to be a public address?

  • I_love_rec_room
    I_love_rec_room16 天 前

    I honestly can't believe you're raging over 1$ a month like Geez

  • Mihai Craciun
    Mihai Craciun16 天 前

    11:47 money laundering definition, lol

  • Tom Cruz
    Tom Cruz16 天 前


  • Andres Cabezas
    Andres Cabezas17 天 前

    .. Now you add a nodered instance tazmota for your sonoff stuff and the stars are your limits.. Btw you can use the direct app if google assistant stops.

  • Eryk Sokolowski
    Eryk Sokolowski17 天 前

    @linus have you ever heard of a switch BOT

  • ChevySpeed724
    ChevySpeed72417 天 前

    Or maybe...just MAYBE...don't leave the opener remote in your car and take it in with you just like you do your car keys. Good lord, this cat loves making his life more complicated than it needs to be. At least he can make some money out of it with a video though lol

  • PotatoesTakeL's
    PotatoesTakeL's17 天 前

    Watching this is just like watching a grown baby cry about how his mom kicked them out

  • waddup
    waddup17 天 前

    This is better than most comedy movies from 2019-2021

  • Jankubist Jk
    Jankubist Jk17 天 前

    Use a raspberry pi that connects to google and a servo motor which presses the button on the switch

  • Justin Francis
    Justin Francis17 天 前

    What's worse than a non functioning garage door? Using Roundup, for anything... I see it there on your shelf.

  • Franklin Oliver
    Franklin Oliver17 天 前

    I love how Linus admits he was too lazy to install an opener himself so he called a company and they only offered the one, and when that one particular installer turned out to have wireless switches, instead of saying "okay i will buy a new one and just do what i was going to do before", he just adds as much extra shit pretty much as possible until eventually things are working as he imagined in his head. LOL

  • Sjon Huisman
    Sjon Huisman17 天 前

    At 6:53 you can actually see the frustration (exhaustion) in his eyes.

  • Car Parking Multiplayer
    Car Parking Multiplayer18 天 前

    Why don’t you make an opener with a Raspberri Pi?

  • David Mooney
    David Mooney18 天 前

    I just bought a used 2002 lexus and it synched right up with my 80s garage door. Proves that nothing is better than a cheap old toyota.

  • Knight
    Knight18 天 前

    I would have just stuck on a switchbot. Or soldered those relay cables to a hacked up wireless door opener.

  • Cossak Rose
    Cossak Rose18 天 前

    Jeez... It's almost like these unnecessary janky internet-of-things home crap... are unnecessary and janky! Maybe having EVERYTHING connected to your phone/internet is more trouble than it's worth!

  • Henry Ledbetter
    Henry Ledbetter18 天 前

    How many nmap scans has that domain gotten in the last two weeks lol... I know at least one person definitely did

  • William Randol
    William Randol18 天 前

    Having this same setup myself... there is still one gotcha too look out for... if you have the garage door open, and close it from the app... if something triggers the safety trigger like say a stray cat running out of the garage, you cannot close the door until you get back to the house and press the switch.

  • Mako
    Mako18 天 前

    Always makes me feel happy when I see he's still daily driving the same phone as me.

  • HungarianManbeast
    HungarianManbeast18 天 前

    Actually you can wire all your servers and computers into Home Assistant and it can do all that pulseway can. Sorry Linus :D

  • Steven V
    Steven V18 天 前

    You could try homelink (if its built into your car) for a happy medium :/

  • M A
    M A18 天 前

    Waste of time and money fir a system that makes you more vulnerable then ever. IoT is dangerous. It’s reckless surrender of privacy AND security for comfort. No thank you.

  • 11pixels
    11pixels18 天 前

    just get a Fingerbot

  • bluehawk232
    bluehawk23219 天 前

    So he didn't want a subscription but bought a domain?

  • Christopher Martin
    Christopher Martin19 天 前

    Or, shield the wires.

  • Qimodis
    Qimodis19 天 前

    your car is unprotected?

  • Qimodis
    Qimodis19 天 前

    9:14 any statistics? also isn't it worse to havee everything depend on ur home?

  • Snowysnoozledo
    Snowysnoozledo19 天 前

    you replaced you wap huh?

  • Havens
    Havens19 天 前

    Honestly shocked that you mentioned HASS - that's what I've been using for years. Thank you for using it in the video!

  • nuttyest
    nuttyest19 天 前

    Why not have the old one fixed ? Would also be an interesting video.

  • jadonv
    jadonv19 天 前

  • M A
    M A19 天 前

    Button. Remote. Why waste time, money, energy for a system that 1) is monitored by a tech giant (Google Assist), and 2) vulnerable to multiple avenues of intrusion. Yes an old RF system is vulnerable to RF attacks. But it’s not online. And if you build this server and run multiple things in your house on it...congrats. All of those devices are now vulnerable.

  • Alexandre
    Alexandre19 天 前

    I dont get why Linus didn't just changed the module from the wall mounted controller to the opener itself

  • tarre tan
    tarre tan19 天 前

    Stepless motor Arduino Couple sensors Neckbeard Google honom assignments

  • tarre tan

    tarre tan

    19 天 前


  • Samuel Beeson
    Samuel Beeson19 天 前

    Ahhhhhh first world problems