Apple HULK SMASHES the Competition - WAN Show April 23, 2021


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Timestamps (Courtesy of Dylan Richards)
00:00:16 | Topic #1: Apple 4/20 Event [00:02:08]
--:--:-- | Topic #2: Tile Seeks to Reinforce Ongoing Antitrust Charges against Apple over AirTags [00:35:50]
00:01:12 | Non-News Topic #1: Linus Brings Go-Karts Home for His Kids [00:48:21]
00:01:24 | Non-News Topic #2: Linus May Be Building a PC with an NBA Star [00:54:39]
--:--:-- | Topic #3: Canada Computers Employee Says Company Is Refusing to Sell Its "Substantial Stock" of GeForce RTX 30 Series GPUs, Despite Backorders [01:00:59]
00:00:55 | Topic #4: Microsoft Project xCloud Beta for iOS and PC [01:08:39]
00:01:38 | [INTRO]
[TOPIC #1]
00:02:08 | Topic #1: Apple 4/20 Event
00:02:47 | 12.9" Apple iPad Pro (5th Gen) with M1 SoC
00:05:40 | Linus and Luke Try to Identify the Use Cases for Tablets
00:07:42 | Linus Tries to Compel Luke to Use an iPad Pro
00:08:02 | Linus Tries to Compel Luke to Buy an iPad Pro
00:16:31 | 23.5" Apple iMac (Mid 2021) with M1 SoC
00:27:22 | Linus Discusses the Lack of Upgradability with M1 Silicon Products
00:31:04 | Linus Has a Big Surprise for Live WAN Show Viewers
00:31:10 | Luke Gets a Call
00:31:34 | Linus Is Given the All-Clear
00:31:43 | Verified Actual Gamers Live WAN Show Drop
00:34:42 | Apple TV 4K (6th Gen) with A12 Bionic
00:35:47 | Apple iPhone 12 and 12 Mini Now Available in Purple
[TOPIC #2]
00:35:50 | Topic #2: Tile Seeks to Reinforce Ongoing Antitrust Charges against Apple over AirTags
00:45:45 | Private Internet Access VPN (Try Risk-Free: )
00:46:34 | Ridge Wallet (Save 10% with Offer Code "WAN": )
00:47:11 | Seasonic Power Supplies ( )
00:48:21 | Non-News Topic #1: Linus Brings Go-Karts Home for His Kids
00:48:36 | Ninebot Gokart PRO
00:49:55 | Linus Shares a Video from His Phone ft. His Daughter
00:51:59 | Linus Asks the Community for Ideas on Content with the Gokart PRO
00:53:01 | CNboth Viewers Suggest a Review Akin to a Car Review
00:54:39 | Non-News Topic #2: Linus May Be Building a PC with an NBA Star
00:58:57 | A Note to Linus from Luke to Buy Titanfall 2 on Steam ($10 EA Sale)
[TOPIC #3]
01:00:59 | Topic #3: Canada Computers Employee Says Company Is Refusing to Sell Its "Substantial Stock" of GeForce RTX 30 Series GPUs, Despite Backorders
01:03:37 | Linus's Hot Take
01:04:08 | Luke Nails It
01:04:24 | NCIX Did a Lot of Things Wrong, but It Honored FIFO
01:05:26 | Canada Computers Won't Fulfill Backorders because It Wants People to Buy Entire Systems Instead
01:06:14 | Anthony's Hot Take
01:06:30 | NVIDIA's Terrible RTX 3060 Launch Is a Major Reason Why We Have the Verified Actual Gamers Program
01:07:22 | Linus Invited NVIDIA to Join the Verified Actual Gamers Program, but They Declined
01:07:36 | Upcoming Verified Actual Gamers Drop ft. 270 Radeon RX 6800 XT GPUs
[TOPIC #4]
01:08:39 | Topic #4: Microsoft Project xCloud Beta for iOS and PC
01:09:06 | Xbox Series S|X Are Getting AMD FidelityFX
01:09:18 | Microsoft Has Removed Xbox LIVE Gold Subscription Requirement for Multi-Player in Free-to-Play Games
01:09:54 | [SUPER CHATS]
01:10:27 | Luke's "Mooostache"
01:12:48 | Angry Mom Sells "RTX 2060" on Craigslist for MSRP; Turns Out It's an RTX 3060
01:16:34 | [OUTRO]


  • Pole Tooke
    Pole Tooke天 前

    Where are your car reviews? I haven't been able to find them

  • Pole Tooke
    Pole Tooke天 前

    @51:57 why is that a short circuit? It would be a perfect idea for channel super fun

  • Pole Tooke
    Pole Tooke天 前

    I still hate the notch. It covers captions often and makes it hard to read.

  • Pole Tooke
    Pole Tooke天 前

    A cord that goes on and screws in is horrible. Go and change out VGA monitors over and over and you'll hate the idea. Lol

  • Pole Tooke
    Pole Tooke天 前

    Why is Luke's mustache French this week?

  • Sund
    Sund天 前

    Pleeeeease add the 00:00 timestamp in the description! That's how you get it on the timeline!!

  • Andrew
    Andrew天 前

    Short circuit should show anything that is tech and is interesting, fun or useful. Should really expand from gaming peripherals, headphones/earphones and phones.

  • Dan Young
    Dan Young3 天 前

    As a proper professional application, iPads are a major game changer in the construction industry. - Sketching designs. - Powerful enough to run and display complex 3D models. - Photopgraphing of project sites. - Measuring existing buildings with the LIDAR. - Having digital construction drawings, and 3D models easily accessible on site. It can assistant in almost all aspects of the construction process.

  • Roald Bosman
    Roald Bosman4 天 前

    We need a fire truck pc

  • Auzzy G
    Auzzy G6 天 前

    Yo Luke I like the mustache

  • CinnabarSin
    CinnabarSin6 天 前

    Who wouldn't want to see gokart videos? Need to come up with something off the wall to do with it too.

  • ShroudedWolf51
    ShroudedWolf516 天 前

    Also, Apple doesn't recycle basically anything of their products. Even if you ignore the extremely idiotic practice of soldering the SSD, RAM, and everything else to the motherboard. The companies in charge of doing the "recycling" for Apple have said themselves just how much of the device is outright shredded just because Apple wants to pretend to be in support of people's privacy and not have to invest in infrastructure where someone might reuse the device instead of buying a brand new or refurb one.

  • ShroudedWolf51
    ShroudedWolf516 天 前

    Apple cutting that cost of barely a dollar to pinch pennies in the manufacturing cost of their luxury priced computing device is the most Apple thing I can think of Apple doing.

  • ShroudedWolf51
    ShroudedWolf516 天 前

    Oh, boy. PIA. The company whose product, the last few months before my license expired, was being picked up by MBAM as doing sketchy shit on my network. Don't advertise them. They sold their dignity over a year ago, when they sold and their product is questionable at best at this point.

  • jjws600
    jjws6007 天 前


  • Simply the MAX
    Simply the MAX8 天 前

    I cut all my videos with LumaFusion on the 11" iPad Pro. It's also my #1 travel companion for watching movies and web browsing on vacation and allows me to backup all my recordings from my camera and drone locally and via Google Photos. The Apple Pencil makes it the perfect device for drawing.

  • Antonio Barbosa
    Antonio Barbosa8 天 前

    iPad? I use as a sidecar for my laptop. I used it many times instead of the laptop. Depends only what I need to do. Email without need to have a laptop and with a better screen than a mobile. Sometimes on the go for minor works.

  • William Hoyt
    William Hoyt8 天 前

    I have a RIO PMP500 if you want that. It was the 2nd mp3 player.

  • Larrimus
    Larrimus9 天 前

    00:54:39 | Non-News Topic #2: Linus May Be Building a PC with an NBA Star I love Linus's perspective on this!

  • Darío Enrique
    Darío Enrique9 天 前

    The iPad was an impossible sale for Luke because it excels at art creation. Like, I wouldn’t justify getting it but my partner would die to have one. XD

  • Weiba
    Weiba9 天 前

    Based Luke. Titanfall 2 is amazing and the campaign is great. My man got fantastic taste.

  • Scott G
    Scott G9 天 前

    Yes. I went to my local one and asked. They said they had to call 45 people to say “hey we known you already paid for it but you have to come in to get your money back. Head office told we aren’t getting anymore for a while”

  • Robert Brown
    Robert Brown9 天 前

    Any chance we could start getting the WAN Show as a podcast? I'd listen to it, even if it was Saturday when it came out. Much easier to listen to at work.

  • Viktor_Hello


    8 天 前

    Already is, atleast on spotify

  • InPad III InPad III
    InPad III InPad III9 天 前

    iPads with the pens/pencils are AWESOME for note taking when you want to be able to write by hand, freehand draw, annotate on top of documents, etc.

  • InPad III InPad III
    InPad III InPad III9 天 前

    This is all part of the long term plan to converge iPads and MacBook Airs. The grand unification is coming.

  • Zack Mandarino
    Zack Mandarino9 天 前

    i thought the ethernet was part of power brick

  • whiteandnerdytuba
    whiteandnerdytuba9 天 前

    Linus saying the new iMac doesn’t have Ethernet or Luke saying he would never buy a tablet is why this channel gets so much sheet for how they cover apple. Can’t even read a press release or imagine anyone using apple products. Or how you can’t upgrade arm computers from apple since you can upgrade any arm device not made by apple huh

  • Abdull x200
    Abdull x2009 天 前

    4:40 The price doesn't matter... No dude that's why we hate apple. The price!

  • Kepler
    Kepler9 天 前

    1:12:50 holy hell

  • TenebrisVeritatis
    TenebrisVeritatis9 天 前

    Maybe not for you, but I use the iPad for my PDFs of Roleplaying books, which tend to be full size books, also all the uses that you would use a modern laptop, like just browsing on the couch but doesn’t take that much hassle

  • colio500
    colio5009 天 前

    Thought maybe the way to get Verified Gamer Card would have been to watch live, It was still cool to see that wan show viewers got a special drop though. It doesn't mean I'm gonna start watching live though, lmao.

  • Isaac
    Isaac10 天 前

    woah luke became a super villian

  • Ben McKinlay
    Ben McKinlay10 天 前

    I feel like cooking vs PC building is Linus's favourite analogy

  • Ben McKinlay
    Ben McKinlay10 天 前

    Man, Linus is making me want kids with these go-kart videos. And I completely agree with the muting videos thing on iPhones, awful

  • Andres Felipe Borrero
    Andres Felipe Borrero10 天 前

    an ipad. best device for reading ebooks and having google chrome and spotify at the same time haha

  • R Valent
    R Valent10 天 前

    Hey im also watching ltt on my ipad

  • Stephen Orr
    Stephen Orr10 天 前

    The iPad Pro isn’t the most compelling tablet for most people…the iPad Air 4 is.

  • Justin Humes
    Justin Humes10 天 前


  • Filip Krieger
    Filip Krieger10 天 前

    iPad for gaming and ebooks

  • Guwapo77
    Guwapo7710 天 前

    You can stream games from your PS4 to your iPad and you can connect PS 4/5 and Xbox X/S controllers!

  • **
    **10 天 前

    Things I wanna know: - When does the Cyberpunk 2077 DLC come out? - Why does Apple makes a new phone each year? - Why is prices on Nintendo switch so high? You pay alot for the minimal hardware. - When does the new stock of graphic card comes out? - Do you think the market will crash soon? - How the game producer for big company holding up under these times? - Can we get more of Anthony of his Retro stuff? I'think you and your teams are great!! Keep it up. Greetings from Norway.

  • Allison Wilson
    Allison Wilson10 天 前

    All I heard during your Mac topic was: massively overpriced, unrepairable, cannot play PC games on it. I do not know why anyone buys Apple products. Not to mention they go out of their way to screw their customers over with their peripherals. Why not just buy an Acer laptop for a fraction of the price. Even though the quality is going to be lower, it will last just as long as an Apple product due to Apple's forced obsolescence. Not to mention, who gives a fuck about Thunderbolt when a standard Linux/Windows laptop has a ton of USB ports? Also, why the fuck would you buy an iPad to play games when you can just spool up an iOS VM?

  • Elaine W
    Elaine W10 天 前

    Go Kart Review!

  • invincib'hole
    invincib'hole10 天 前

    I would not get excited about a segway promo video to be honest.

  • Nikola Kostic
    Nikola Kostic10 天 前

    What's with the moustache? 😂

  • Andrew Shaw
    Andrew Shaw10 天 前

    Without the chin, where do you put your post-it with your password?

  • Patrick Hemmes
    Patrick Hemmes10 天 前

    his mustache is amazing

  • Mathew Morgan
    Mathew Morgan11 天 前

    We have a relatively old ipad that lives on the coffee table for anyone to use. It is the most used device in the house. It is such a nice thing. Will we be rushing out to update to the latest and greatest? No. Will we be going out to replace it with the latest and greatest when it breaks? On the day that it breaks.

  • John Nemesh
    John Nemesh11 天 前

    iPad Pro would be KILLER if they allowed it to run full MacOS when docked. I have been die=hard Windows/anti-Apple since the original Mac, but the M1 has me rethinking my position on this. I anxiously await the next chips from Apple, it will be REALLY interesting seeing what they can do on a Mac Pro with, say, the M2.

  • smokeyjayshouse
    smokeyjayshouse11 天 前

    Linus trying to support the starving basket ball stars. bro you are about to be boycotted

  • Kosmon Parran
    Kosmon Parran11 天 前


  • Francisco Saucedo
    Francisco Saucedo11 天 前

    did Linus seriously not mention the 10g ethernet update to mac mini? I feel like that would've been the one thing he'd be excited about haha

  • Generik Name
    Generik Name11 天 前

    Linus clearly missed that there IS indeed Ethernet. Why wouldn’t you have a spec sheet if your criticizing specs?

  • Who you looking at? abs
    Who you looking at? abs11 天 前

    My man Luke do be looking like Tsar Nicholas II

  • Dave Walters
    Dave Walters11 天 前

    Game pass works on Mac, too. But I live in Newfoundland, Canada so ping on Rogers is abysmal for MLB The Show. Might switch to Bell.

  • Pottier Kurt
    Pottier Kurt11 天 前

    the moustache ..... cringe

  • Zac
    Zac11 天 前

    Titanfall 2 single player is legit the best. Great movement, great story, great experience in general.

  • Przemysław Kowalski
    Przemysław Kowalski11 天 前

    There is almost nothing that new ipad would be better in then other tablets, and there is no a single thing it could be wort the price difference.

  • Tech Infinity
    Tech Infinity11 天 前

    Isn't it better to get a Mac mini, apple keyboard/mouse and a monitor ? Will be cheaper and look cooler...!!!

  • Somebody
    Somebody11 天 前

    Fuck luke for telling me to play TITANFALL 2!!!! MY BT!!!!!!!!! Pilot, there seems to be ninja cutting onion nearby....

  • Lars Niemeyer
    Lars Niemeyer11 天 前

    youre not going to have a...... ohh! xD

  • Maadhawk
    Maadhawk11 天 前

    Linus, say cheese!

  • Danny Aakjær
    Danny Aakjær11 天 前

    That beard 😂

  • Mike Hoover
    Mike Hoover11 天 前

    With talking about the new iMac, I'm amazed they don't just provide the ethernet power brick for all models. Think about it, they just made a second SKU for themselves instead of one. They could have easily just included that power adapter with ethernet with every M1 iMac.....

  • Aura Bear
    Aura Bear11 天 前

    Linus needs to go to the same barber as the other guy. Like nyaow. Also sounds like how I'd imagine a gummy bear with a voice would. Also eyedrops. You're welcome. Wish me success.

  • Brad Noyes
    Brad Noyes11 天 前

    12:00 I've got the Harry Potter box set on UHD BR, and while they are grainy films (so the resolution isn't a big upgrade from the standard BR) the HDR makes them look fantastic IMO. (I know some people are into grainy films, I'm not really)

  • Zach Sturch
    Zach Sturch11 天 前

    Damn, I'm too late for the Titanfall sale

  • Yash Tewari
    Yash Tewari11 天 前

    WAN show means Colorless show?

  • **
    **11 天 前

    Corona mustache.

  • EyesOfByes
    EyesOfByes11 天 前

    11:38 It's the same with high refreshrate displays. When I say the words "display refreshrate" to my friends and family, they go: "What?" Exactly. And that is why Apple don't do it, because they know most don't know of the existense of that concept.

  • Michael Baines
    Michael Baines11 天 前

    Got to agree, Titanfall 2 is amazing. I rarely replay single player games but keep going back to that one! (Just waiting to get a copy of Vorpx to try and play it again in VR).

  • dbauernf
    dbauernf11 天 前

    I'm not an Apple guy, I'm not a tablet guy, but not seeing an amazing value in a Ipad pro for $100 is just stupid, Luke. Come on. There's a ton of stuff that you can use it for.

  • EyesOfByes
    EyesOfByes11 天 前

    Does iPad Pro support high refreshrate external display? It would be a bummer if it capped external display at 60Hz..

  • Barkla Butson
    Barkla Butson12 天 前

    There is no fucking way, i would watch a 12.9 inch screen any how lol...DOesn't matter if your ganny ask me too...

  • Rikorage
    Rikorage12 天 前

    Good on Based Luke to keep things in a budget and realistic. I'm sure if everyone has USD $900+ burning a hole in their pockets they would jump on the M1 iPad (I know I would), but some of us have a budget, and gotta, you know, eat and pay bills, and fix cars, and other stuff. If I'm spending $900 right now, it's going into my car, that's just reality for me rn.

  • John Neville
    John Neville12 天 前

    Something like an iPad pro would be great as an airplane computer but then again so are ultra portable 2 in 1s.

  • Brandan Weeks
    Brandan Weeks12 天 前

    Titanfall 2 was a great shooter. Really good game.

  • Zetman
    Zetman12 天 前

    titanfall is on gamepass for pc.

  • kakaido
    kakaido12 天 前

    The guy has a point, Linus cares about HDR more than anyone. I couldn't careless about HDR. If it didn't exist I wouldn't miss it.

  • mr_vpw
    mr_vpw12 天 前

    It would be good if Luke did use an iPad, then maybe he'd realise how trash the Floatplane app is on one. The rotation issues, the endless need to log back in (the only app I use that insists I keep logging in so I just use CNboth because FP is too much hassle), and why, why why does it sometimes just show the spinner the entire time a video streams?!? I mean it doesn't need to be the new Pro but if the Floatplane crew could get with the iOS/iPadOS thing that would be good.

  • Tobias Hoegerle
    Tobias Hoegerle12 天 前

    When my wife wanted to buy her iPhone 12 pro max she had to wait over a month due to high demand and supply shortages... just FYI that was a global thing, but obviously not detrimental.

  • Jorce
    Jorce12 天 前

    Based on the fire truck... A go kart review would do well.

  • Mike
    Mike12 天 前

    I feel like the chin is part of the mac pro's design. Otherwise it just looks like a monitor

  • Guillaume Breton
    Guillaume Breton12 天 前

    Luke ça l'air fou ta moustache ! and Linus, your mic puffs wait tu much again ! caliss que ça l'air compliqué à régler ! common les gars,

  • orangeapples
    orangeapples12 天 前

    Who is shitting on the single player of TitanFall 2?

  • Shíshǒu INTP-A
    Shíshǒu INTP-A12 天 前

    My Tablet PC is a very important device in my household, I use it everywhere at home to watch youtube etc. in bed after I wake up to start the day and maybe listen to some music, on the toilet, when brushing my teeth, at breakfast, really whenever I'm at multiple places and not at my desk. It's great for reading E-books, Mangas, other stuff that's not always available for E-Ink devices and it fullfills all of my Smartphone/Android needs as well, since I don't have a Smartphone anymore. though I have to admit, ever since I got a touchscreen at my bedside PC, I've seen way less use for my Tablet (also because it is sort of broken atm. and no budget for a new one). 12.9 inches is probably the deal breaker for me though, I really liked the 10.1" upgrade from 8" and previously 7", but now I would just choose a 13.3" 2in1 Laptop instead of a tablet that size, and for my portable tablet setup I do want 8" again to also use for gaming. Yeah okay, scratch that, I don't see the point in the 12.9" Tablet as well... just get a 2in1 Laptop, especially at that price. For 100 or even 500 I would still take it.

  • CivBase
    CivBase12 天 前

    Linus: The new iPad has a a huge, fantastic display and thunderbolt and a freak'n M1! Luke: Yeah, but iPadOS. I definitely agree with Luke there. Those features are all very nice, especially at the price point... but I just have absolutely no use for a tablet with a mobile OS. I'd be much more likely to buy it if they just put macOS on it. But then I might as well get a Mac Book.

  • LostGodZ1986
    LostGodZ198612 天 前

    there is FAR more tech in the world then just PC'z, and it would be so nice to have a group as trustworthy as LTT doing review's that we can rely on.

  • Head Hunter
    Head Hunter12 天 前

    @every one why isn't there a discord server for this channel

  • Andy T
    Andy T12 天 前

    Some retailers here in Mexico are under fire for using their retail cards in their own massive mining rigs, selling cards that they didn't have, using the money to make their mining operation larger and then refunding the money later. Mexico is a hell of a place.

  • Shane Smith
    Shane Smith12 天 前

    I first had a breakaway cable with my Sega Saturn which is much older.

  • Andy T
    Andy T12 天 前

    Got titanfall 2. Love single player shooters. I really miss the good medal of honor campaigns.

  • Waikano13
    Waikano1312 天 前

    My wife uses the crap out of her iPad, watching stuff while she's folding clothes or cooking, but then plays casual games. Portable email, skype to family. She easily uses that thing 8-10 hours a day, or has it with her around the house. She doesn't need/want a full blown OS like MacOS, but I hope it becomes an option, I have a Surface Pro that I use like 2x a week when taking my desktop isn't an option, give me my desktop for daily driving ;-)

  • Ze Rubenator
    Ze Rubenator12 天 前

    I love the thing you call a "chin bar" because I can stick post-its to it.

  • Samimari Shien
    Samimari Shien12 天 前

    Thanks for the titanfall2 recommendation. Well worth the money.

  • Aaron Reitz
    Aaron Reitz12 天 前

    Linus, if you want video playback on the iPhone to not start muted, you need to turn off auto-play in the Photos section of Settings.

  • Rayden Ozvord
    Rayden Ozvord12 天 前

    For Varified Actual Gamer, what is the format we are watching?? I actually don't know what that even means :(

  • Myo
    Myo12 天 前

    WTF is up with that mustache Luke?!

  • Undrownedfirebird_Asto
    Undrownedfirebird_Asto12 天 前

    Luke did not even care he just blasted the fact that an ipad is useless at that price range

  • Dennis
    Dennis12 天 前

    I think Luke is one of those guys who is against the iPad just to be against it. I bet he would still say he doesn't need one if you could sit on the next one and fly from Vancouver to Montreal like a magic carpet