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  • Kurt Tennant
    Kurt Tennant5 小时 前

    "I often shoot and edit a video in under 5 hours" that is the mark of a true professional, jeez

  • Dizastermaster
    Dizastermaster5 小时 前

    Wait I swear James already had one...

  • David Shipley
    David Shipley5 小时 前

    Am I the only one who halfway expected him to say he spent the whole budget on Doge at $0.01 for the memes, and cashed out at $0.69, so he's buying a new house?

  • Nathan Yu
    Nathan Yu5 小时 前

    14:35 that’s also r/stopthecap

  • Klingon00
    Klingon005 小时 前

    Imagine, being so partisan that one would refer to a school of thought as "the enemy" yet never having read anything about it...

  • DaWrecka
    DaWrecka5 小时 前

    that keyboard does look schwanky... but I'm not sure anything will make me replace my current mouse before it dies.

  • impendio
    impendio5 小时 前

    linus dissing the weebs, the disrespect lmao

  • Piyush Raj
    Piyush Raj5 小时 前

    James is the hero of her dreams. Just writing this incase linus sees this comment and feel a slight burn in his heart.

  • Mecha Sonic
    Mecha Sonic5 小时 前

    Watching this episode cheered me up. Feeling a bit sad after my dual 2tb raid just died and will have to download my steam games again when I find another drive… sigh

  • Gary C
    Gary C5 小时 前

    Hey just photoscan Linus and then fix it

  • Tim Wendel
    Tim Wendel5 小时 前

    It's my turn to have this recommended to me, I miss the beard already.

  • Agilapathy
    Agilapathy5 小时 前

    Hank thumbnail

  • Sharath Vids
    Sharath Vids5 小时 前

    Linus :talking about diversity of people in a game Me: Me seeing the same people in groups of 10.(in GTA Vice City)

  • SprinklyBagel77
    SprinklyBagel775 小时 前

    You always put a smile on my face Linus every video you post, keep up the great vids. 😉👍

  • Rushboard Technologies
    Rushboard Technologies5 小时 前

    Yeah, the app is no Character Creator.

  • Hansen A
    Hansen A5 小时 前

    This video didn't age well

  • hi2colin
    hi2colin5 小时 前

    They have to call up the McElroys and do a colab of Monster Factory

  • AIDEN Marietti
    AIDEN Marietti5 小时 前

    I'm sorry, closelyer???

  • James Z
    James Z5 小时 前

    Linus got that 90 year old man neck skin going already. Use some moisturizer homie!

  • Lolli pop
    Lolli pop5 小时 前

    7:02 Linus finally came out of the closet

  • Extraterrastrial Soy
    Extraterrastrial Soy5 小时 前

    Hey linus, just want to say as a long time viewer or ex-viewer, I would keep watching your videos if I knew what they were about. Your click bait titles just completely uninterest me and make me feel like I am wasting time. I hope you can add more detail and less blah blah in your video titles.

  • Thatone toad
    Thatone toad5 小时 前

    Yo linus tech tips, please turn your intro music down. RIP my ears

  • The Terrible Gamer
    The Terrible Gamer5 小时 前

    WOW. Remember when Linus was 12 instead of 45? 9 years sure does change some people.

  • DudeNamedDan
    DudeNamedDan5 小时 前

    Linus’s was better

  • Chris Goodluck
    Chris Goodluck5 小时 前

    I was looking into air cooling for my upcoming build, given I won't be overclocking it at all... but so many of the coolers will interfere with the RAM. It was beyond infuriating trying to find a good one that won't cause a problem. So I've just scrapped it and decided to go AIO for their compact size on the board. Why on earth is this still a problem. With big honking air coolers and big honking heat spreaders or RGB on RAM both being so common, why have they not resolved this simple issue by now?

  • Silent Rice
    Silent Rice5 小时 前

    Nice Donut media merch

  • Kamil Electronics
    Kamil Electronics5 小时 前

    noooo Don't quit

  • chrisinsocalif
    chrisinsocalif5 小时 前

    My gaming laptop maybe lasts 30 to 40 minutes on battery. Thinking about getting a MS Surface for the size and battery life. For a little more money I could buy this machine. Thankfully I never bought the Surface.

  • Vsvp
    Vsvp5 小时 前

    bruh the one who said time to go sell it im deadd

  • Wipper Snapper
    Wipper Snapper5 小时 前

    This is so gonna turn into Realistic Koikatsu

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy5 小时 前

    This is silly. I've been gaming 35 years, and have used every generation of gaming or remotely gaming-oriented hardware. I've seen the rendering techniques, shaders, post proc, etc, evolve over time, and I care *very*, very much about things like lighting, liquid, fire, and each generation's ability to accurately render those things. I've worked at gaming startups and corporate hell-holes, often one and the same, and I've helped countless clients, friends, and associates build great gaming, workstation, and server machines. That said, if you can't tell the difference between non-RTX cards and RTX cards at the level of rendering, you are either not really into gaming, not into rendering, or not into intellectual honesty for some reason. Why pick Shadow of the Tomb Raider as one of your titles? That title is a) old, b) an extremely poor example of ray tracing, c) an extremely poor example of ray tracing? There are dozens of other games where the illumination, reflections, shadows, etc, are far better, RTX on *or* off, and the compare / contrast would be much easier to do. I play 100s of games on the regular, and after upgrading to a 3080 from a 1080ti, the difference with lighting and reflection was instantly noticeable on a variety of titles including those not specifically sporting "made for RTX". I use a 32" 4k BenQ screen. Why not, for example, play a title like Deep Rock Galactic on your non-RTX and RTX systems? How about Overwatch, which predates RTX tech by like 5 years? Battlefront 2? Destiny2? How about titles with actually properly implemented ray tracing, such as Control or Watch Dogs Legion? How about explaining the issues with DLSS + ray tracing, instead of having everyone act goofball, scratch their heads, and make incredulous comments about how they can't exxxxactly explain it but there is something less clean about these textures over heeeeeere, lol. Being someone who could run Linus Tech Tips himself, it bugs me to see influential tech CNbothrs doing dubious 'tests' like this where they conclude one thing or another about a bleeding-edge tech that apparently most people still don't understand. If you can't see the lighting and shadow benefits alone, you may need to get your eyes checked. Is RT and DLSS good in every title? Nope, and it's been rushed, vendors have stumbled a few times, and then vendors and gaming media lie about the true source of the issues by publishing PR and running twitch influencers. Was RT ready for the 20xx generation? No, absolutely not, and if you rushed into buying a $1500-2000 20xx series GPU, you got screwed and tbe vendors tried to do PR to cover this up. But the RTX tech itself *does* make a difference that can be observed with the eyes. It isn't always a good thing, but it is often a good thing.

  • Natsu
    Natsu5 小时 前

    It's been a long time since I saw Ester. I wonder what she's up to now a days.

  • Lil Moshi
    Lil Moshi5 小时 前

    Now XCH mining is all over and he was laughimg

  • Warren Garabrandt
    Warren Garabrandt5 小时 前

    You guys should have used that logo for your mac channel. That thing was hideous, but it was a work of art, and created on authentic, classic hardware.

  • XI - B - 02 - Evan Surya
    XI - B - 02 - Evan Surya5 小时 前

    7:50 Wallmart Mutahar?

  • San D.R.O
    San D.R.O5 小时 前

    Yeah, make sure u don't forget to put on a fabric mask after spitting thousands of particles on the monitor, mouse and keyboard while talking Good job following along the propagenda era Linus....

  • Joshua Most
    Joshua Most5 小时 前

    “You don’t just get $5,000 from intel, you get 8 hours of Linus’ time.” - James

  • Cardboard truck 1000
    Cardboard truck 10005 小时 前

    Did a three year old put in a cpu better than me lol

  • Michel Johnson-Figueredo
    Michel Johnson-Figueredo5 小时 前

    Milton Friedman is dope.

  • Justin Emlay
    Justin Emlay5 小时 前

    NNNNOOOO!!!! I love my Sennheiser CX 300 II's.

  • VaughnDotEXE
    VaughnDotEXE5 小时 前

    The virtual Linus in the thumbnail sorta looks like Troy Baker

  • Daniel
    Daniel5 小时 前

    As a Linux user, yeah, any Nvidia GPU is a waste of money (and time) !

  • Aidan Danielski
    Aidan Danielski5 小时 前

    pure goofing off. Fun!

  • solssldo
    solssldo5 小时 前

    This is my favorite man from Linus tech

  • Nimmy
    Nimmy5 小时 前

    Forget the G502, where's the legendary G303???

  • MayaYa
    MayaYa5 小时 前

    Editor: "kinda sus"

  • Nicole King
    Nicole King5 小时 前

    "James is the hero of ur storie" Evon: im gonna go now Hmmmm🤔 A bit sus if u ask me

  • Minh Tường Nguyễn
    Minh Tường Nguyễn5 小时 前

    3:26 um i thought that was a corsair rm750 not rmx 750

  • Worstenbroodje
    Worstenbroodje5 小时 前

    You lost me at Epic Games. Have a nice day

  • Zen 341
    Zen 3415 小时 前

    Everybody's reactions are the best part of the video, especially Yvonne. I wish there were more different staff members' reactions

  • ihasarax
    ihasarax5 小时 前

    What the fuck Linus

  • Bryce Johnson
    Bryce Johnson5 小时 前

    These intel upgrades are really good examples of what us regular folks do when we get new hardware. There's so much particular taste and research specific to each person's situation.

  • Matthew Kershner
    Matthew Kershner5 小时 前

    Im honestly really happy to finally see someone at LMG who seems really into Audio. I feel like its the utterly neglected step-child of Tech youtube. lmao

  • Damon Blackburn
    Damon Blackburn5 小时 前

    So buying a Asus strix g15 would you buy 144hz or 300hz?

  • Dwight Schrute
    Dwight Schrute5 小时 前

    7:21 "New ARC Genesis Software" I sense a lawsuit

  • Lejuan
    Lejuan5 小时 前

    try black dsert online character creator

  • TAP 00Wolf
    TAP 00Wolf5 小时 前

    This would be so fun to be on wish i could’ve done this

  • The Arcadian
    The Arcadian5 小时 前

    this is dumb........ now proper blackout PC would be cool .

  • Matthew M
    Matthew M5 小时 前

    It’s getting sad that we keep getting bothered by the hardware that is or isn’t in the laptop, yet the screens keep getting smaller. Soon you will be looking at a laptop with the screen the size of a postage stamp.

  • Hao Vo
    Hao Vo5 小时 前

    the one linus made looks like a younger version of Capt. Price from the Call of duty franchise lol

  • Jonathan Holbrook
    Jonathan Holbrook5 小时 前

    Why always windows 10 ? Seriously ? GNU/Linux is 100x more, well, everything. Even a basic ass distro like Ubuntu is more useful

  • BluMac
    BluMac5 小时 前

    Linus’s employees literally just roasted him for this whole video

  • Ahmad Eid
    Ahmad Eid5 小时 前

    the anime references have increased alot ever since madison joined

  • The BC Jungle
    The BC Jungle6 小时 前

    The one on the left looks like Linus is going through transition

  • Ali Chehab
    Ali Chehab6 小时 前

    "The one on the right looks more like James." *sigh of relief*

  • Jason J
    Jason J6 小时 前

    Thanks CNboth algorithm

  • The Obsesed Anime Freaks
    The Obsesed Anime Freaks6 小时 前

    Linus: character creators are teribad Illusion: are we a joke to you? Epic: _ignores illustion_ let us introduce this new tool. Illusion: uh... we exist...

  • GOOD ._. SATAN
    GOOD ._. SATAN6 小时 前

    just fkg stop

  • Ali Chehab
    Ali Chehab6 小时 前

    "Linus's hair always looks like he just woke up" 11:21 Taran: Finally! A worthy opponent! Our battle will be legendary!

  • Jack Young
    Jack Young6 小时 前

    Linus high key made Bjergsen

  • theangryintern
    theangryintern6 小时 前

    In Cyberpunk I could tell the difference if I put RTX at max, it looked absolutely incredible but it just wasn't worth the massive hit to FPS. I have it set to medium-low and that's been a good compromise where I can still get ~60 fps and get some of the RT benefits.

  • Ryan Schueler
    Ryan Schueler6 小时 前

    I'm glad this was on my CNboth home page today...

  • Natt Zero
    Natt Zero6 小时 前

    Still waiting for a (now completely unlikely to ever happen) Razer Phone 3...

  • C B
    C B6 小时 前

    How about you give them all back to the retailers and letting everyone just pay retail for them

  • Ali Chehab
    Ali Chehab6 小时 前

    Linus: "Oh, so James is the hero of your story?!?" Also Linus: regularly ends up in bed with James

  • Ali Chehab
    Ali Chehab6 小时 前

    "Want a photorealistic representation of the father you never had?" LMAO, THAT WAS SAVAGE.

  • Caleb Einstein
    Caleb Einstein6 小时 前

    You had me at waifu

  • Ali Chehab
    Ali Chehab6 小时 前

    James out here stealing peoples girl lol